How To Turn “Stuffing” From A Noun To A Verb… [DETAILS INSIDE]

First, to my fellow Americans – Happy Thanksgiving!

Second, and real quick, cause we both have things to
do (turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, pie, pie, more pie…) –

Most of us think of “stuffing” as a noun – it’s that delicious
bread based yummy-ness that you bake in your turkey’s
keyster. (Sorry for that visual… kind of… funny really…)

Well here’s how you turn it into a verb –

Something you DO – “stuffing” – as in yourself – savoring
every last delicious minute of it – completely guilt free.

You start your day with this workout, which I appropriately
named, “The Stuffing Workout:”

– Use 1 Pair of medium to medium-heavy KBs
EXERCISES: Long Cycle Clean + Jerks ( or Push Presses)
and Front Squats

This one is so simple, yet so effectively brutal for getting
your heart thumping, your lungs heaving, and your metabolic
rate soaring through the roof, burning extra calories for the
rest of  the day…

… Creating space for all the pie you’ll eat later today.

(Try not to sweat through your sweater at the dinner table.
Pit stains aren’t pleasant… LOL)

GOAL: Perform 50 reps of the Long Cycle C+J and 50
FSQs in as little time as possible.

– Do it in as few sets as possible
– If possible, rest the same time it takes you to complete a set
– And after every set of C+Js, perform the same number
of Front Squats, i.e.: 10 C+Js, then 10 FSQs.
– Record your final time

You’re welcome. :-)

Should you do this one all the time?

This one’s special – just for today – it’s so you can turn
“stuffing” from a noun to a verb. (Think about it…)

This one’s too hard to do routinely. It’s just for today
because there’s lots of food and rest coming your way, so
your recovery won’t be hampered.

That’s more than likely not the case for the rest of this year.

That’s why at this time of year I recommend you break my
“rules” and actually work out for stress relief –

Because doing so, will help you maintain the gains you
made earlier this year – like Post Season for an athlete.

Think of it as “maintenance mode.”

And really short workouts like this one – Finishers – are
right up your alley.

My buddy Chris Lopez’s “Kettlebell Finishers” will help
you “get ‘er done” this Holiday Season – short, sweet, and

Grab your copy here at 25% off the regular price.

Gotta run – there’s lots of food with my name on it –



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