How To Turn You KB Workout Addiction Into Non-Stop Progress [TEMPLATE]

Ok, I’ll finally admit it…

I’m a “workout addict.”

I’ve always loved to work out.

Or in my case, train.

(The delineation between the two is that training presumes
a distinct purpose.)


I don’t know.

Maybe because it helps me focus and get some of my
energy out.

Maybe because it just feels good to move heavy stuff
over my head.

Maybe because I love the feeling of “strong.”

Maybe because I love challenging myself to accomplish
new physical events.

Maybe, just maybe, deep down inside – and don’t tell my
other KB buddies this – I actually enjoy getting a pump
sometimes. ;-)

The problem with most of us “addicts” is that we can end
doing a bunch of “junk” workouts – workouts that seemingly
don’t fit into any grand plan or scheme.

So, if you’re like me and you “need” to workout or train
every day, then I’ve put together a little template for
you that will help you touch the bells on a daily or near
daily basis.

First, though, you need to realize that super-long 60+
minute workouts have to stop.

No mas.

They’re just messing up your hormone levels – tilting you
more and more into a catabolic state, worse case
scenario increase your body fat and decreasing your

So you have to get it through your head (or thick skull in
my case) that the ONLY way a non-professional athlete
not using PEDs can do this is with shorter than normal

I’ve mentioned this before, but I keep mine right around
30 minutes. Sometimes they’re less, depending on what
I’m doing.

(Today’s will be less – have to teach all day, which tends
to drain me – so I’ll most likely grab a quick 20 minute

So here’s the template to satisfy your “cravings:”

Days 1 & 4: Strength work
Days 2 & 5: Conditioning work
Days 3 & 6: Technique work ONLY

Here’s how it looks actually in a weekly schedule:

Monday: Strength
Tuesday: Conditioning
Wednesday: Technique
Thursday: Strength
Friday: Conditioning
Saturday: Technique
Sunday: OFF (Yes, OFF. You NEED at least one day for

Now, why the technique work after the conditioning day?

Because technique work tends to be lighter and easier
and will serve as a form of active recovery from the
conditioning work and will prime the pump for your strength

What should your individual strength, conditioning, and
technique workouts look like?

Well that’s up to you, amigo.

I strongly recommend you don’t try to wing this.

Get on a professionally designed program – something
like “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

Twice a week on your strength days do the “STRONG!”

Twice a week on your conditioning days do the “One”

And twice a week, pop in the DVDs and practice your
technique – start with the Front Squat and move on from
there to each of the 7 other major double KB exercises:

Swing, Clean, Press, Push Press, Snatch, High Pull,
and the Jerk.

Make your KB addiction productive – Get your copy 

Talk soon.


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