How To Turn Your Technique Training Into A “Workout” – AND Get Faster Results

Some of us still feel the need to work up a lather from our
training – you know – that “worked out” feeling.

Go on, admit it – you know the thought of not having a good
sweat equals not having a good workout has crossed your
mind once or twice.

You may not even be buying into to this whole “I don’t have
to breathe hard to have a ‘great’ workout” thing.

That’s ok.

I’m going to show you a way you can do both – work on your
technique AND get your sweat on –

AND more importantly, get faster results.

Here’s the deal:

Your technique work is the foundation for your results in the
first place, so why not spend the majority of your time really
working on that?

I know, I know, sounds too far fetched –

Yet consider this:

One of the reasons the Chinese Olympic Weightlifters are so
dominant is they almost soley concentrate on the “feel” of their
lifts – not the weight on the bar.


I read an interview recently with Olympian Norik Vardanyan,
(his father was Olympic lifting legend Yuri Vardanyan – who
broke something like 27+ world records and who’s total is
still unbeaten some 30+ years later) –

[Image: Yuri Vardanyan. (Strong AND Lean.)]

And he said he does the same thing – rarely does he concern
himself with the weight on the bar – but rather the technique
and the feel of the bar. He said his father trained the same

The results speak for themselves.

Sure, they add weight, that is of course how you get stronger.

But they’re not OVERLY-concerned with it.

They know that if they put their bodies in the proper position
the muscles involved in the movement will get stronger
and the pattern will become more deeply engrained in their
brains, making it “easier” to get stronger.

KEY POINT: Proper positioning

See, there’s something pretty cool that comes from putting
your body in the proper position:

The right muscles work at the right times…

… your joints are free to move through appropriate ranges
of motion…

… and that means you’ll “feel” your muscles more…

… and of course use more energy.

This will create that “worked out” feeling you’re looking for.


Because when you use more energy, you breathe harder, and
sweat more.

Pretty neat huh?

So, instead of worrying about what size KBs your lifting and
for how many reps, focus on getting your technique down.

What’s proper double KB technique?

I cover this in depth in my 3.5+ hour 2-set DVD series
“Kettlebell STRONG!”.

The best part is you’ll get to see my “demo guy” go through
what proper double KB technique looks like and you’ll see
him sweat and breathe hard –

And he’s an experienced SFG/RKC2!

There are 6 main cues you need to implement – and we’ll
cover them one at a time –

And learn how to stack each one on top of the other for

a synergistic increase in total body strength.

The result?

Your body turns into a column – a virtual “Pillar of Power” –
from which you do all your work.

Not only that, but in the accompanying 89-page “fluff and
filler-free” book, you’ll learn common technique mistakes
you’re most likely making – And more importantly –

Drills you can use to fix them.

It’s all inside “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

And it’ll help you refine your technique, so you can ultimately
do more work.


Refined technique = faster results due to proper body alignment
and muscle recruitment.

Shoddy technique = slow results and injury.

Refine your technique for the good ol’ fashioned “worked out”
feel and better results today.

“Kettlebell STRONG!” is the key.

Talk soon.


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