How To Work Out / What To Do When You Feel Like Crapola…

It’s that time of year – spring has sprung and allergies
and the last of the winter flu is in the air.

My poor wife.

She’s been sick for what seems to be going on 2 months.

The last time I saw her going like this it was in college. So
almost 20 years ago.

Honestly, I’ve been sick too. Wayyyyy too much this spring.

More so than ever before.

Overall, I’d say she’s got it way worse than I do.

Me – I just plain ol’ ignore my body and make it do what I
want it to do.

So nothing changes.

My wife?

She’s doing what she can – what she has the energy for
on any particular day.

Some days it’s just pure OS.

Others it’s KB swings.

Others it’s Double Presses and Double Front Squats.

(Plus, being a mom of a 3-year old and a 4-month old, she’s
constantly getting pulled this way and that, which also
forces her to be in the “do-whatcha-can” mode.)

The biggest mistake I see people making when they feel like
garbage is they skip or quit working out.

Not good.

Here’s the biggest reason why:

Momentum is lost. And starting again for many just doesn’t
happen util they regain the fat they’ve lost or lose the muscle
they’ve gained. Then it’s too late

What should you do instead?

Two things:

1. Light work.

Kind of self-explanatory but for those who always favor “hard-
n-heavy” this means do the opposite. Go easy. Make everything
feel easy.

2. Technique practice.

Many people skip this in preference to “working out” and
getting a “good workout.”

Shame, really. Because the quality of your workout is dictated
by the quality of your technique.

Garbage technique = failure to move KBs efficiently, so you’re
not doing as much work.

Not cool to someone who wants to get a “good workout” on.

So, practice your technique.


Not workout.

Keep it easy and pay attention to what your muscles and joints
are doing in response to what you’re learning.

The best way to learn the double KB techniques are through
watching the 3.5+ hours of DVD instruction inside “Kettlebell
STRONG!”. It even covers common mistakes and how to fix
them in the 89-page book.

Get your copy here.

Remember, take a page out of my wife’s book – do SOMETHING
when you feel like poop. Something is better than nothing and
it keeps your momentum going.

Talk soon.


P.S. Feeling like crapola isn’t fun. Neither is getting fat and
weak again because you used sickness as a reason to
stop working out.

Remember, work your technique when you’re under the

You’ll thank yourself later.

P.P.S. One of the things I do when I’m feeling tired or run
down is I just start working on technique and as I get
going, my energy levels pick right back up and usually I
am able to make progress.

Again, the key here is making your body do what it doesn’t
necessarily want to do.

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