How Your Life Will Change (From 30,000 Feet)…

(Meant to get this to you this morning…)
I’m sitting here on a Southwest flight coming home from
the Iron Tamer’s place in Nashville where we just did an
OS workshop.

And I got to thinking about kettlebells and life in general
and the last 10 or so years. Great memories…

Do you remember why you started using kettlebells?

 I do.

I wanted to introduce all the benefits of the Olympic lifts
to my clients without the complications associated with
them – in a safe and easy way.

Plus, admittedly, I was intrigued with the outrageous
marketing claims –

“Hack of fat without the dishonor of dieting or aerobics.”

“Go ape on your enemies with tree-swinging traps.”

And other classics.

I dared believe they were true and ordered the Russian
Kettlebell Challenge book, VHS video tape (yes, I still
have it) and the “Starter Set” of kettlebells – a 4kg, 8kg,
16kg, 24kg, and 32kg.

And I was like a kid at Christmas eagerly awaiting their

Do you remember the hope you felt like I did – that maybe,
maybe this was “the thing” –

The thing that would finally be “it” – help you finally
achieve a leaner, stronger, more supple body.

One you could finally be proud of –

Maybe finally show off in front of others, or maybe – just
maybe, perhaps after years of struggle, finally feel good
about yourself.

Things were about to change…


Do you remember your first kettlebell “workout?”

I do.

I eagerly prepared for their arrival by doing dumbbell
snatches – working my way up to sets of 5 with the 130
pounder – the heaviest my gym had, planning to crush
that puny 70-pound kettlebell.

When it arrived, I took that 32kg out into my front yard
(after viewing the video tape) and did 20 two-hand
swings over my head (that’s how we did them at the time)
and thought to myself –

“That was easy – UNNNNHHHHHH!!!!!” as all the air

was sucked out of my lungs and all the oxygen out of my
muscles –

Bending over the hood of my car – placing my hands
on the hood – gasping for breath.

“Oh yeah – good stuff – good stuff,” I finally muttered as
I fought to breathe again.

Reminded me very much of wrestling.

And I was hooked.

Kettlebells have been very, very good to me.

My life has been blessed because of them.

I’ve found myself doing things I’ve never imagined
doing – teaching others the transformative power of
kettlebell training…

And other related forms of training – like Original


And meeting and working with some of the very best
and brightest instructors and professionals in the fitness,
exercise, and strength and conditioning industries – and
calling many of them friends…

And of course have the privilege of being able to write
this newsletter on a daily basis and share all that I’ve
learned with you…

I am truly blessed – and have been truly blessed – and
am now living a life I never imagined.

(Shame on me! Not imagining – not having a vision!
I wish someone had shared with me 20 years ago the
“5 Secrets” we covered last week.)


I have a beautiful wife who not only tolerates, but supports
my crazy ideas.

I have a beautiful son – who – just 3.5 short years ago was
NOWHERE on the radar….

And my wife is pregnant with our second child (see if you
can guess – you have a 50% chance of being right) when
we weren’t supposed to be able to have kids in the first

Not only that – I just moved to one of the most beautiful
places I’ve ever lived and seen – in the Rocky Mountains.

And to top it off – I get to start school after a 20 year
absence in a field that intrigues me.

I’m not sure if you’re life has been as blessed as mine –
but I sure hope so.

So I wanted to say “thanks” for being a blessing to me
in a very special way – something that is probably going
to be called crazy by my friends when they find out.

I want to bless you in much the same way you’ve blessed
me and that I’ve been blessed.

Before I tell you what this craziness entails – I want you
to imagine how you’re life will change when you
finally reach your goals –

The goals that made you buy your first kettlebell…

Maybe it was to “hack of unwanted fat without the
dishonor of dieting or aerobics” – to do something
as “outrageous” as being able to comfortably wear
your favorite swimsuit at the pool or beach…

Maybe it was to free yourself from the old bodybuilding
“body-part” mentality and finally get strong – really
strong – without the bloated puffiness that comes along
with traditional gym programs…

Maybe it was to give your aching joints and muscles
relief from your tired old workouts and fix your aching
back and knees….

Or maybe, it was to develop an “android like work capacity”
or “legs of iron and a back of steel.”

Whatever it was, I want you to know that you can get
there – you CAN and SHOULD achieve your goals.

Especially when you apply the 5 secrets you learned last

And especially when you see what I’ve got lined up for

I think it’ll be ready to go on Tuesday sometime – probably
noon MST but possibly as late as Wednesday.

So stay tuned –

I know you’re going to like it. No, scratch that – I know you’re
going to LOVE it.

It’s all about empowering you to finally change your life
by finally reaching your workout goals with KBs.

Talk soon.


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