“I Feel Your Pain…” – LOL

Man, that was one of the greatest lines ever.

Bill Clinton on the campaign trail in 1992.

Gotta hand it to ol’ Slick Willie, he knows how to communicate
his message to people.


Well, I feel your pain too.

In January of 2005 – man, I still remember this like it was
yesterday – it’s so vividly imprinted in my mind – I was once
again training to qualify for weightlifting nationals.

I had just finished one of my strongest ever segments –
Power Cleans. The numbers I put up that day I had never
done in that volume before.

Seemed like I was firing on all cylinders.

You ever have workouts like that?

Great, aren’t they?

Make you feel on top of the world.

Anyway, then I stripped some weight off the bar – not all
of it – just about 90 pounds and then moved on to my
next exercise – Squat Cleans from the waist.

(That’s where you deadlift the bar off the floor and then from
the lockout position you jump back under it into a Front

That first rep changed my life forever.

I felt a sharp yet blunt pain in the front of my right hip –

Like someone had stabbed me with a flat head screwdriver.

So, I “walked it off,” took some more weight off the bar,
and did it again.


Same response.

So… I went over to my TrueStretch cage in the corner and
stretched out my hip flexors from every conceivable angle
and then went back over to try that exercise again.

(I know, glutton for punishment.)


I had the same response – flathead screwdriver sticking me
in the front of the hip.

So that was January.

Between January and April, I had to give up pretty much
everything lower body. And walking had started to become
a problem –

And sitting – a NIGHTMARE.

Every time I’d sit down, the muscles in my right hip would
spasm and lock down. So when I’d stand up, before I could
walk, I had to stretch everything out.

Fun times.


So finally in April of 2005, after probably spending about
$500 or more on unconventional treatments like ART,
acupuncture, acupuncture with electrical stimulation,
dry needling, dry needling with bone scraping, and…

Yeah, I think that’s it –

I finally relented and went to the orthopedic surgeon.

From there I had x-rays (that’s how we found the dislocated
patella – it had left a groove up the right femur – explaining
the chronic knee pain), an MRI, and finally, a cortisone

Ahhhh… Sweet relief!

I’m not one for needles or cortisone, but man, it sure was
great to break the pain cycle for a little while.

Unfortunately, by the time my RKC rolled around in
June 2005, the cortisone was starting to wear off and the
hip pain starting to creep back in.

So I had to take it easy and not do much squatting while
I was there.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this – and if you’ve ever been
to the doctor you’ll get a kick out of this –

When we were looking at the MRIs, and my doc gave me
the diagnosis – I asked her what I could and couldn’t do.

This is what she said:

“Stay away from all loaded hip flexion or extension.”

“Well that ain’t gonna happen,” I replied. “Cause that’s
what I do.”

That ever happened to you?

YOU: “Doc, it hurts when I do this.”

DOC: “Don’t do that.”

Gee, thanks. How much did I just pay you for that gem of
wisdom? LOL.

Anyway, since 2005, I’ve been on a journey.

A journey to get back under the bar.

To get back into Olympic Weightlifting.

Now you may not be interested in that. (I’m betting you’re
probably not…)

And that’s cool.

But I bet there is something that you “used-to-could” do
(as they say in NC) that you can’t anymore.

And you’ve had one of two responses:

1. You’ve shrugged your shoulders and chalked it up to
“getting older” or some other lame excuse.

(Sorry, I think that excuse is lame. I’m 40 and apart from
the gray hair, you couldn’t tell.)

Or –

2. You said “Heck no!” and have tried your best to figure
out a way to get back to doing what it is you want to do.

My journey has cost me A LOT of time and money.

Sure, I’ve had some great experiences along the way –
made some good friends and learned a ton.

(LOTS of what NOT to do…)

What’s yours cost you?

And better yet, how much longer are you willing to put
up with all you have been putting up with?

When is enough enough?

For me, I found what FINALLY fixed me and it’s helped so
many others in the past three years.

Quite simply, it’s been regaining my Original Strength.

The book is an awesome start. It’s where I started. (Well,
obviously I started before we wrote it – but I started with
the concepts and resets in there.)

But I had to do a little bit of “extra” stuff – to fill in
the gaps.

For example, I’d been doing Leopard Crawls for about 2
years but couldn’t do Spider-Man crawls until I went
back and did some of the crawling regressions – 3 in

And that’s when things REALLY started to take off.

If you’re interested in FINALLY getting back to where you

Getting beyond there to new territory – then you owe it to
yourself to check this out.

It will permanently change your life forever.

Talk soon.


P.S. I know what you might be thinking – all this sounds
too good to be true.

Here’s what I KNOW:

All that stuff you’re doing –

– Foam roller
– Dynamic “functional” 3D stretching
– Core activation work
– Joint mobility – both isolated and integrated
– Movement re-patterning

… Yeah, I’ve done ALL that from 2002 to 2010.

And it didn’t work for me (nor my clients). Which means
either –

1) I’m too stupid to figure that stuff out and apply it


2) It’s too complicated, which may put #1 into perspective…


3) There’s something missing.

My experience, both personally and professionally is that
it’s some combination of all 3, but primarily #2 and #3.

Your Original Strength is what’s missing.

And, if you’ve seen some amazing results from the material
in the book, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait till you see
what you learn and what happens to your body at the live

Like me, you’ll be blown away.

P.P.S. Am I saying that Original Strength is a cure-all
for ALL your pain? Or even any of your pain?

No way Jose.

If you have chronic pain, go see your medical doctor and
get it looked at. That’s the SMART thing to do.

Heck, even as stubborn as I am, that’s what I did.

You better do it too. It’s better to know for sure than
to guess or hope.

But when you’ve been cleared of anything major and released
from your doctor’s care, then you need to get your Original
Strength back.

Original Strength restores your natural movement patterns
moving you away from faulty movement patterns that cause
dysfunction and compensations, that result in chronic aches
and pains, and loss of movement and ranges of motion.

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