I Just Saw The Most Amazing Thing…

So I’m driving over to my studio to get some work
done and I pass this guy on a bicycle.

Only he looked, well, weird.

I thought he might be screwing around…

But I don’t think he was.

His head was hanging off to his left hand side,
basically resting on his left shoulder.

And his tongue was hanging out like a dog –
I mean just flopping there.

I thought to myself – “Either this guy is a really
good cyclist or he’s got some kind of palsy or
had a stroke or something.”

Let’s go with one of the latter 2 options just for
arguments sake – and obviously this is a judgment
call on my part – but if this guy was riding a bike
(in traffic) with some sort of physical impairment –

That got me to thinking –

Are we doing everything we can to live our lives
to the fullest?

Or are we letting pain, discouragement, or fear
rob us from getting the most out of life?

Take workouts for example.

We all got into kettlebells cause the workouts are
supposed to be simple and repeatable.

How are yours REALLY going?

Are you REALLY seeing the results you expected?

If not, are you actually doing your workouts?

Or are you making excuses and forgive me for saying
this in advance – lying to yourself about why you can’t
do yours?

Here’s the deal – we all get only a certain amount of
time here on Earth before we meet our Maker. Why not
make the most of each and every minute?

Why not get in the best shape of your life so you don’t
experience any physical limitations?

So you can run, jump, play, explore and have fun!

What’s holding you back?


Of what?

Let it go my friend – Fear is nothing more than False
Expectations Appearing Real.

Nothing more.

Here’s a quick and easy program you can use starting
today that will get you back on track and moving toward
the life you want.

I call it the “Simple Easy Swing Workout”.

Cause all you gotta do is some Swings every day –

Yes – EVERY day – but don’t worry – it’s Simple and

Here’s the program – do it 6 days a week for the next
30 days.

2 Hand Swings.

Start with 10 Swings. Yes, ONLY 10 Swings.

(That’s the point – no initial resistance or
complications to keep you from getting it done.)

Add 5 Swings per day until you get to 100 and then
do 100 a day until you get to 30 days.

So it’ll look like this:

Day #:
1 – 10
2 – 15
3 – 20
4 – 25
5 – 30
6 – 35
7 – OFF
8 – 40
9 – 45
10 – 50
11 – 55
12 – 60
13 – 65
14 -OFF
15 – 70
16 – 75
17 – 80
18 – 85
19 – 90
20 – 100
21- OFF
22 – 100
23 – 100
24 – 100
25 – 100
26 – 100
27 – 100
28 – OFF
29 – 100
30 – 100

Simple and Easy.

When you get done with that, you’ve got some
traction that will help you transition into something
more challenging.

So when life gets you down, just remember the
guy on the bike – and then let nothing hold you back.

Have a great Monday!


P.S. If you want something a little more than
“just” Swings – you can grab my “Quickstart” program

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