I Quit.

Sorry for the late email but this is literally the first
moment I’ve had since I got back from teaching at
my last RKC event.

That’s right, my last RKC event.

As of today, I have resigned my Master Instructor
status with the RKC.

I have transferred my Master Instructor status to
Pavel’s new educational organization, “StrongFirst.”

To learn more about Pavel’s new educational
organization and what it will do for your kettlebell
training click the link below:


Will update you on how the weekend went sometime

Gonna give my wife a break tomorrow and watch
the boy – we think he’s cutting his year 2 molars…

Talk soon.


P.S. You know what’s REALLY interesting? How this
new company name accurately reflects all of my
kettlebell programs – we train to be Strong FIRST
and then the other things just “happen” – like
fat loss.

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