I Was Almost Killed…

I was driving down the mountain today (about a 2500 foot
descent on snow and ice covered roads.

To make matters worse, they were shrouded in fog.

For most of the way, visibility was limited to 100 feet in
front of me. On top of that, because of the altitude, the
brightness of the sun diffusing through the fog made the
fog almost bright white – forcing me to either squint or
put my sunglasses on. (They’re polarized, so I can actually
see better in the fog cause they cut down the glare.)

Which is why I was shocked when one of those commercial pick
up trucks behind me flicked his high beams at me – you know
– signaling you to get over into the right lane.

He went whizzing by – get this – while on his cell phone!

On his cell phone, on icy road, speeding in the fog!

I’m guessing he was driving beyond his limits.

Like Maverick’s CO told him in “Top Gun” – “Your ego is
writing checks your body can’t cash.”

(Hard to believe that movie was filmed 30 years ago this

Which reminds me of the time I was almost killed.

It was my freshman year of college and I was home for
Christmas break. I was running late and trying to get to
my girlfriend’s house early one Saturday morning before
catching the bus to go to a wrestling tournament.

I was doing about 70mph on the backroads (speed limit was
60) and there was a black ice warning.

Too bad I didn’t pay attention.

I was invincible.

17 and on the college wrestling team, 10 pounds more
muscular than I was when I graduated, and home to see my
high school sweetheart.

As I approached a curve, I braked.

And slid.

At about 70mph.

The backend of the car slipped out from under me and the car
headed straight toward an icy canal.

The car smashed into the concrete and wire fence and tilted
up on the left side two wheels.

I yelled “Jesus save me!” and leaned as hard as I could to
my right – I was on the right side of the car, cause that’s
where they drive in the UK, so I was actually up in the air.

In what seemed like an eternity but was undoubtedly only
a matter of seconds – the car hung in midair.

Then, it came crashing down back onto all 4 wheels.

Adrenaline pumping, I got out and walked around the car.

It turns out, in a stroke of divine mercy, the wire fence
had wrapped around the wheels on the left side and was
the only reason I hadn’t slid the car right into the ice-
filled canal.

And, as divine mercy would have it, moments later, a highway
work crew – 4 of them – pulled up in a pick up truck and
got the car untangled from the wire fence and back on the

I limped home, front and left side of the car smashed, and
legs still shaking from the adrenaline dump.

What’s all this have to do with fat loss?


Many of us, ego’s swaggering, swear up and down that this
year is going to be different.

So just like last year, we embark on a rapid fat loss plan.

Get that fat off as fast as possible.

Yet, like a 17 year old with only a year’s driving experience,
we aren’t emotionally or physically equipped to pull it off.

Technically not life-threatening, it’s just as ego-damaging
when we try, once more, and fail, once more.

Rapid fat loss requires grit, determination, and a low-stress
environment to be able to focus all of one’s resources to
summon the energy required to do all the things necessary –
diet, training, and recovery – to lose fat at a rapid pace.

Sure, you don’t want to be “lazy” and “settle” for “just”
for losing a pound (or less) a week.

I get it.

It’s better to set “realistic” expectations – between 1 and
3 pounds per week – depending on how much you have to lose.

You’ll recall last week we spoke about the other 2 types of
fat loss – “Lazy” fat loss and “Rapid” fat loss.

This is what we would call “Optimum Fat Loss” -

Not too much, not too little.

Like Goldilocks.

Just right.


A few necessary (and welcome) changes with some familiar

And as surprised as you may be by me saying this –

They don’t have to be double KB exercises either.

The singles will suffice just fine.

Heck, they’ll probably even be a welcome break to your body
if you’ve been doing doubles for any length of time.

They tend to work out any imbalances you may have picked
up over time.

If “Optimum Fat Loss” sounds “just right” for you, then

Talk soon.


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