I Was Wrong… :-)

I used to believe and publicly advocate for only working out – or training – whatever you want to call it – 3 days a week.

I think that’s pretty good if you’re going to commit to a full hour or so on those days.

However, I think for many, if not most, that can seem like a daunting task.

Over the last, oh, at least 3 years, if not more – I’ve been doing something every day – at least 6 days a week. (I do my best to rest one day a week.)

And lately, I actively train 6 days a week.

Now my sessions aren’t “marathon” hour / hour-and-a-half sessions.

I keep them purposefully short.

I do this for many reasons. Here are 5:

1. I literally don’t have time for 30+ minute workouts.

My schedule is too full.

I work 12-16 hour days as is on most days.

2. I need to remain “fresh” after my training sessions.

I can no longer afford to feel exhausted or to have “killer workouts.”

I get up usually before 5. And I work after the kids go down and am usually up until 10.

If I have a “killer workout,” I literally fall asleep with my son after reading stories.

No bueno.

3. There’s science to back up that shorter workouts are better for fat loss.

I’ve written about this at length in the past, but the takeaway here is that long, 60+ minute workouts, tend to negate people’s results.

They drain them of energy, and they end up eating extra food to get that energy back.

And therefore they negate the caloric deficit they created from their workouts.

4. It becomes VERY easy for me to measure progress.

I don’t have a lot of exercises in my workouts.

Two, three at the most.

One primary and one (two) assistance.

I usually only measure (or care about) progress on the first.

Very simple to measure.

This keeps me motivated.

5. Consistency is the cornerstone of success.

I’ll let you in on a little secret.

The most successful people in the world are consistent in what they do.

Do you think Warren Buffet counts his money every day?

You better believe he does.

He knows the exact state of his businesses down to the penny at any given time.

All he has to do is order the report.

Same thing with working out.

Research has shown that consistency is the cornerstone for any successful “weight loss” program.

I know – I just said “weight loss.”

I only said that because that’s how the literature reports it.

Working out on a near daily basis is one of the hallmarks of those who have dropped fat and kept it off.

So, I was wrong.

I no longer think that “only” working out 3 days a week leads to long term success – whether getting stronger or getting leaner.

I’m a believer and practitioner of “the frequent.”

I train 6 days a week.

Because it produces better results. (At least it does for me – and my clients.)

Now you don’t have to swing your KB daily. KBs paired with some kind of “body maintenance” program works especially well.

However, if you did want to train with KBs [nearly] every day –

This is how I’d do it.

It’s super-simple.

Talk soon.


PS – If you only want to train with KBs three times a week but know you need to combine some “body maintenance” work on your “off” days, this is a better option.

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