If Batman Used Kettlebells…

I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not, but the new
Batman flick, “The Dark Knight Rises” opened last
night at midnight.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go see it.

I am in the “responsible” phase of life.

A couple years ago I read about a workout that the Dark
Knight would supposedly use and I gotta tell you, it was
complete garbage.

It had ol’ Brucie-boy working out about 6 hours per day
between weight training and combatives!

Bruce didn’t become Batman because he’s stupid!

He understands the need to get the biggest bang for his
buck (even though he’s a billionaire) from both his workouts
and his combatives.

I’m certainly no combatives expert so I’ll only venture to
guess that whatever system or conglomeration of systems
he’s using allows him to protect himself and inflict maximum
damage upon his enemies.

As far as workouts, well, that’s a little something I do know

Obviously Batman would probably be using some form of
resisted bodyweight training and of course kettlebells.


Biggest bang for the buck.

And his workouts would be very time-efficient.


Because he’s fighting crime at night and posing as a playboy
billionaire philanthropist during the day.

He’s gotta get his sleep and recovery in there sometime, so
that doesn’t leave a lot of time for messing around with
inefficient workouts.

He’d be doing kettlebell workouts because they build stamina,
power, strength, and flexibility all at the same time.

And he wouldn’t be working out every day.

If I were Batman, I’d use the following schedule:

Combatives: Daily at various intensities and durations.

Strength Training:

Days 1&4: Resisted Bodyweight Drills

Days 2&5: Double Kettlebell Work

Recovery Measures: Daily

You’ll notice that Batman uses double kettlebell work.


Again, time efficiency here. More weight moved per unit of time.

Therefore more work performed and faster results in power,
strength, and endurance.

What would the workouts look like exactly?

Well first off, they wouldn’t just be “workouts” – they’d be part of
a bigger picture – part of a program that had a pre-determined
outcome that way progress can be measured and made.

And secondly, they’d be short and sweet – challenging and to
the point. No time to waste on inefficient exercises or program

They’s probably look like the ones found in my “Kettlebell
Express! ULTRA” program. (There are more than 49 of them.)

Get it here – there is no sales page. This link will take you straight
to the shopping cart where you’ll receive your “Batman Discount.”


Why no sales page?

Time efficiency, Caped Crusader.

No need to mess around – you know what you want and exactly
what to do to get it.

Gotta run – crime to fight. (Too many people getting sucked into
the mainstream fitness lies – and that’s a crime indeed!)


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