If James Bond Used KBs, This Is What He’d Do…

So I just got back from Chicago yesterday where my good
buddy Tim Anderson and I taught “Becoming Bulletproof”
on Saturday.

(I’m glad we limited the room to 20 cause that’s all we could
comfortably hold once everyone got rolling around.)

Saturday, afterwards, was of course my “cheat” meal and
then we went to see the new James Bond movie, “Skyfall.”

One of the things that struck me was how much different
Bond looked in this than I remembered him.

Sure, he had the Bond swagger, but there was something
different – it was his neck, shoulders, and upper back.

They were bigger, thicker.

And they contributed to his swagger.

And what I thought was his overall “bad a$$ed-ness” as the
Iron Tamer likes to say.

So I got to thinking – if Bond used bells – which he probably
would – cause he’s smart and into ruthless efficiency – what
exercises would he use?

Well sure, there’s of course the ol’ standby – the Get Up.

Duh, no brainer there.

But I think he’d spend most of his time on the doubles –
that is – the double KB lifts.

(Double-O-Seven anyone?)

And it’d probably be lots of Clean and Presses, Clean and
Jerks, and even Snatches.

Think about it – there’d have to be – in order to build an
upper back and shoulders like that. (See the movie, you’ll
see what I mean.)

And why the doubles over the singles?

Well I said it before – ruthless efficiency – no time to muck
about (as the Brits like to say).

In. Out. Done.

And when you REALLY think about it, who doesn’t want
ruthlessly efficient workouts?

Wouldn’t you like to know for sure that your workouts are
up for the job –

Getting you in secret agent shape in as little time as possible?

Of course you would.

Grab yourself a copy of the “Q Branch” approved devastatingly
short and brutally effective “Kettlebell Express! ULTRA”
programs here.


They’re 30% off their regular price – but not for much longer.

Time’s running out like the fuse on a stick of dynamite…

Gotta run – M’s calling.


P.S. Keep your eyes on your inbox for upcoming secret
messages about double kettlebells… That’s all I can
reveal right now…

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