If Politicians Used Kettlebells…

Today is a very important day here in America.

It’s the day we get to vote for President.

Which got me thinking, what would happen if politicians used

This will be tongue-in-cheek so if you’re easily offended then
you should probably hit “delete” now…

I think it’s pretty obvious what would happen.

One pol would use them, but not tell anybody he was using them
in order not to offend his base, who don’t use them and are
actually against using them.

Another pol would use them, and brag about how much he
used them and “all” of his accomplishments using them.

(A third pol wouldn’t use them at all and tell everyone that he
did but it wouldn’t matter cause he’s on the fringe and no one’s
voting for him anyway.)

The first pol would accuse the second of being a “divider”
because he was only for those who used kettlebells.

The second would launch a secret investigation into
the first because of his suspiciously large forearms – ones
that are the result of using kettlebells.

Of course the first would vehemently deny using KBs until
the second actually found proof – secret video footage of
a late night workout – when he was supposed to be home.

And then the first would deny that he ever said he “never”
used them, just that he didn’t “always” use them.

The first pol would then dig up dirt on the second’s
accomplishments only to find that they weren’t “accomplishments”
per se, but more like gym lifts – that no one actually witnessed.

And back and forth it would go…

At the end of the day none of it would matter anyway
because what these people do – or don’t do – with their
kettlebells don’t affect us one bit.

You either use kettlebells or you don’t.

You either appreciate their benefits or you don’t.

You either see results from using them or you don’t.

(And if you don’t, it’s because your probably watching too
much election coverage. ;-] )

Unlike politicians, kettlebells don’t lie.

They just sit there, staring at you, waiting for you to pick
them up and swing them, snatch them, press them, or

You do a set of 5 presses, the kettlebell doesn’t tell you it
was 6 or that you just did swings.

So forget what the pols are saying and doing – they won’t
affect your kettlebell workouts.

What will affect your workouts – and your results – is having
solid, well designed kettlebell programs to choose from.

And unlike our governmental system, which currently only
has 2 parties to choose from and is notoriously inefficient,
you can actually have a real choice in the workouts you do
and they don’t have to waste your time and tax dollars.

Get your 49+ “politically incorrect” time-efficient kettlebell
programs here, guaranteed to shoot you straight and actually
deliver results without blaming someone else –


Talk soon.


P.S. In all seriousness, if you’re American, make sure you
vote today. You can’t complain about the process if you don’t
participate. Just sayin’…

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