If You Want To STAY Strong And LEAN Over The Holidays – READ THIS.

Good news, bad news today.

First, the good news:

Thanksgiving is TWO days away!


That means I’m going to be chowing down – lots of Turkey,
sweet potatoes, stuffing, and pies.

Yes, Pies.


And yep, I’m going to be training this week. Hard.

Well, hard for me. :-)

This morning I spent a whopping 5 minutes doing some
OS work and another 5 minutes doing pull ups (the
“dangerous” kind).

Tonight, I’ve got some barbell work to do.

And it’ll be “intense” – at least for me. :-)

Short and intense.

This describes the kind of workouts you should be doing this
week – especially tomorrow and Friday (and maybe Thursday
if you’re up for it.)


Three reasons:

1. The short ensures you’ll find time to get them done.

How short?

If you go hard enough, they can be as short as 10 minutes.
(These are often called “Finishers” – short for “Metabolic

That way there’s no stress for finding time to get them in
and no guilt or shame for missing them.

2. The “short and intense” methodology is great for the focus -

Short enough to keep it –


3. Long enough to allow you to do a substantial amount of
work to create a “calorie vacuum.”

What is a “calorie vacuum?”

It’s the hole you create from burning a bunch of calories
that you can later fill with Turkey, mashed potatoes, pie,
pie, and more pie…

(Remember, nature abhors a vacuum!)


The 3 Kinds of [Quick] Workouts You Should Do To
Keep From Wearing Your Pumpkin Pie


Now there are 3 kinds of workouts that I recommend during
times like these (The 3 days around Christmas and the 3
days around New Year are other days that these workouts
are a “must”) –

And it depends on the type of personality you are:

1. The “Stressed To The Max to the Nth Degree”

I don’t need to explain this. Nuff said, right?

You need to do one exercise for a lot of reps with very little
rest –

1H Swings and Snatches are the two exercises that come
immediately to mind.

Pick a number. Any number and do that many Swings or

And remember, the number should be realistic – it needs
to be high enough to get you to make your muscles work
and breathe hard.

Basically, it’s a workout on autopilot.

Turn it on and go.

You know what I mean.

Spend about 10, maybe… Maybe 15 minutes doing this.

(I think 10 is probably better.)

2. The “I Can Manage It (I Think)”

I recommend doing something in the form of a circuit or a
superset or something of that nature.

Maybe even something a little more aggressive like a complex
as a Finisher.

(Here’s 33 of them.)

That way you’re not too overwhelmed, but you’ll still feel like
you got some work done.

3. The “I Got This”

Have to run and get the Turkey, pick up the in-laws, grab the
kids after school, make dinner, clean the house, and…

No problem – you got this.

One word: Complexes.

If you’ve been reading this newsletter for any length of time
then you know I’m a big fan of complexes and chains.

These suckers are aggressive, will help you burn a ton
of calories (remember the calorie vacuum).

Now for the bad news…

My NEW Book…

Is not ready yet… My editor won’t let me release it. She
says probably another 48 hours.

However – here’s MORE GOOD NEWS:

You can get your copy absolutely FREEE.

It’s called “Strength Shortcuts” and it’s the methodology
I’ve used over the last 2.5 years to build my body back
up (along with “Original Strength”) from being broken
and injured and has allowed me to hit weights that
I haven’t touched in almost 15 years.

(Here’s the tentative cover)

Like I said, it’s yours FREEE.

However, there’s a catch.

(Isn’t there always?)

But it’s a small one.

As you know, I firmly believe you need to be in maintenance
mode right now.

Your workouts need to be short, stress-free, and still

(I cover advanced methods for doing this in “Strength

Which is why I suggested that 2 out of 3 of you, based on
your personality type, do complexes – or Finishers.

My very good friend, Chris Lopez, SFG 2, just released
his new program, “Kettlebell Finishers,” which is packed
full of short, kettlebell-based Metabolic Finishers, including
my favorites – complexes and chains! (Score!)

Get a copy and start doing these Finishers tonight.

Not only that, but he’s included kettlebell + bodyweight
hybrid Finishers too
. (Score again!)

KB Finishers are awesome and they’re one of the best
ways to create that “caloric vacuum” we talked about

So, after you grab your copy of Chris’s “Kettlebell Finishers”
here, send me your receipt, and I’ll send you a copy of my
new book, “Strength Shortcuts” either this Friday or Saturday
after my editor releases it

One more thing I almost forgot to mention -

You may be traveling this Turkey Day / Weekend and won’t
be able to take your KB(s) with you.

(Ha-Ha! Good luck trying to get through TSA with
those this weekend!)

That’s ok – you should use Bodyweight Finishers Wednesday
evening and Thursday morning, and again on Friday
morning (or afternoon, depending on when you shake
off that food coma).

Chris had another buddy of mine, Mikey “Pancakes” Whitfield,
put together two bonuses to go with his “Kettlebell Finishers”
that you only need your bodyweight to do called –

“Bodyweight Gauntlets” and “Bodyweight Dirty Dozen.”


They’d be PERFECT to take with you when you travel.

Get your copy of “Kettlebell Finishers” here and get

Mike’s Bodyweight Finishers to take with you too.

And remember, send me a copy of your receipt so I can send
you your copy of my new book, “Strength Shortcuts” Absolutely

Just put in the “subject” line – “Geoff – here’s my receipt for
‘Strength Shortcuts’!

Talk soon.


P.S. You’re probably wondering why Mike’s nickname is
“Pancakes.” It’s because pancakes are his favorite food.

And he eats them A LOT.

What’s more, he lost 105 pounds (Crazy, right??) from
doing regular workouts AND Bodyweight Finishers

And he still uses “Bodyweight Finishers” to help him
stay lean. (And now Chris and I have him turned onto
the Kettlebellzz too. We think he’s seen the “light…”)

Bodyweight Finishers will work great for you while you
travel or if you’ve stuffed yourself so full you can’t roll
over to your KBs…

P.P.S. Remember, grab Chris’s “Kettlebell Finishers” program
today and you’ll also get Mike’s 2 “Bodyweight Finishers”
programs, AND –

I’ll send you a copy of my new book, “Strength Shortcuts”
absolutely FREEE.

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