If You’re Interested In Your Health, Including Fat Loss, Read This


It’s not what it used to be.

Now much of it’s “engineered.”

There’s a whole “science” dedicated to getting you and me,
the “consumer” to buying more and more “products.”

It’s called “food science” and really, it’s like something
from a horror story.

Think “Frankenstein.”

No kidding.

There’s a big building on the corner of College Farm
Road and Dudley Road, on Cook College, at Rutgers
University where I graduated, called the “Nabisco
Food Science Building.”

I drove past it for years on the way to the gym.

What they do in there I don’t know exactly for sure, but
I do know this:

I know it has to do with making food more appealing
to consumers so they’ll buy more of Nabisco’s products.

One of the things that makes food more appealing to
consumers is food dyes – ones like Red Dye #40, which
was designed to replace Red Dye #2, when the FDA learned
it was linked to cancer.

What’s the big deal? Sounds like the FDA is doing its
job, right?

Sure. Sort of.

The problem is that Red Dye #40 contains 4-aminobiphenyl
and benzidine – and both of these ingredients have also
been linked to cancer.

Yeah, more cancer.

Where do you find Red Dye #40?

The list is long – too long to include in its entirety here, but
does include many of today’s kids cereals, V8 Splash, and
even salmon, meats, cheeses, and liquid suspension in 
children’s medications. (Lovely.)

(For a complete list get a copy of “101 Toxic Food Ingredients” 

Of course, there are a bunch of other artificial colors
and flavoring in our foods that will make you sick:

– Red Dye #3, Blue #1, Blue #2, Yellow #5, Yellow #6,
Caramel coloring, and Green #3

These dyes and flavorings have been shown to cause
everything from cancer to ADD to chromosomal disorders.

All in the name of getting you to buy more visual appealing
food – repeatedly.

Scary, scary, stuff.

That’s not the half of it though.

There’s also artificial sweeteners, food additives, and
preservatives and all the problems and disorders they

If you want to know more, here are 3 highly toxic 

Check it out.

I was actually shocked by #3 – it turns out it affects 60%
of the US and who knows how much of the rest of the
industrialized world.

In fact, I may actually go out an buy that expensive filter
my wife wants after all.

Talk soon.


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