“Ign’ant” Fat Loss Programs

I’ve been in the “biz” now for 22 years. Hard to believe.

And in those 22 years, I’ve seen some pretty stupid ideas
for fat loss –

From those ab belts and ab gizmos on TV touting a six-pack
from just wearing them –

To “Hollywood Cleanse Cocktails” boasting losing 10 pounds
or more in a week. (Yeah, you could do that too if all you
drank was water and ate celery. And when you started eating
again it’d all come back – with a vengeance.)

One of the biggest mistakes – a rookie mistake actually –
that I see people make over and over and over again is
to be overly aggressive on their program.

In other words you do too much too soon for too long.

For example:

– cut calories too drastically
– increase workouts too much – either too many days
or working out too long
– use wrong exercise application
– use garbage programming

Has this ever happened to you?

Here’s some details just to make sure:

– You cut out all your favorite foods and eat only “diet”
foods like plain chicken and steamed broccoli

– You go from not working out at all to working out 6
days a week

– You go from working out 2 to 3 days a week for 20 to 30
minutes to working out 6 days a week for an hour

– You cut out all your carbs and swear you’ll do this
for 30 days, end up losing all your energy and get

Any of this sound familiar?

These are “Ign’ant” fat loss programs.

What’s “Ign’ant?”

It’s what they called “ignorant” down South when I was growing

Which is really quite ironic – people who used this term
are ignorant of the correct pronunciation of “ignorant.”

Love it.

Anyway, speaking of –

Did you know that there are 5 strategies to maximize fat
loss – on a “regular” program.

You, know – an “Optimum” program.

One that’s not “rapid” and one that’s not “lazy.”

It’s the one that you can do now as opposed to the one
you have to really gear yourself up for and buckle down
and go into “monk mode.”

For example –

Did you know that a well-programmed “optimum” fat loss
program will have you getting rid of many, most, or
even all your movement compensations and dysfunctions?

You know – all those tight spots and weak links.

It’s true – in fact, you can lose fat EXCLUSIVELY from
focusing on taking care of those.

(I’ve gotten plenty of testimonials from clients in my
Insider Coaching program who lost fat the first month –
which was focuses solely on fixing weak links.)


Because your body moves more efficiently – that is –

It uses the right muscles at the right times, which
not only burns more calories but reduces chronic
inflammation and starts to balance out your hormones –
your fat-storing and fat-burning hormones.

Like I said – there are 5 strategies you should be using.

Here are the other 4.

Talk soon.


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