In The Immortal Words Of Monty Python…

“Now, for something completely different!”

Only I promise, no pictures of a man with two bottoms.


I wanted to do a little experiment and thought you
might find it really interesting.

As you know, I put out practical information pretty
much 5 days a week about how to make your
kettlebell workouts more effective.

However, they’re usually topics I feel like writing

So here’s the “experiment” –

I’d like to write about stuff people – YOU – specifically
ask me to write about.

Simple, right?

Here’s how it works:

Simply tell me whatever topic you want me to write

And I’ll write an email about it.


Again, simple, right?

And if a bunch of people ask me to write about the
same topic?

Shoot, then I’ll write a whole BUNCH about that


(You bet it is.)

To participate, all you gotta do is this:

Take 2 minutes and tell me about your situation and
answer this one question:

“What’s the #1 single biggest challenge you’re
struggling with in your kettlebell workouts that
you’d like for me to talk about?”

Click Here To Tell Me About Your Situation.

If you do that…

#1 – First, it would mean a lot to me (and I’ll give you a
virtual high-five and/or fist-bump – your choice ;-] )…


#2 – Second (And more importantly), if you take a
moment to do that right now –

Over the coming weeks, I’ll use your feedback to
customize the emails that I send out and the topics
we discuss…

Customizing the emails to give you exactly what you

The only “catch?”

Because I have NO idea how many people will be writing
in… To be fair, I’ll be covering the topics in the order
they’re submitted.

What that means is this –

If you’re interested go ahead and do this right now –

While you’ve got this email open and are thinking about

Remember, this will take you about 2 minutes – tops

And I’ll use YOUR feedback to decide what to cover
in these emails over the next few weeks.


All you need to do is click on the link below and tell me:

What’s your #1 biggest kettlebell workout challenge?


Talk soon.


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