Increase Your Strength INSTANTLY By Up To 20% (Details Inside)

I’ve gotten some really great feedback about that video
I sent out yesterday.

I hope you watched it.

ALL of it. :-)

It was really important for getting stronger.

If you didn’t watch all of it, you really missed out, and I’ll tell
you why in a second.

But first, if you didn’t watch the whole thing, go back and do
so here –


If you did – awesome!

Here’s why what you learned about the Rack position is
truly important:

According to Prof. Verkhoshansky, co-author of “Supertraining,”
and also the guy who invented plyometrics, tensing a muscle
before you use it to lift can increase your strength by up to 20%!

Think about that for a second…

In the competitive world, many times that’s the difference between
first place and last!

Now here’s where it gets even cooler –

You’ve heard of “irradiation” right?

That’s where if you tense one muscle really hard, there’s a
“neural spillover” effect and the surrounding muscles join in,
making you stronger.

Well imagine how that works in the Rack position.

Now combine that 20% figure with the concept of irradiation
and you can see why training in the Rack – getting comfortable
there would have such a high payoff, right?

You are literally getting INSTANTLY stronger through some
amazing “neuro hacks.”

And the good news is that the harder and tighter you can
learn to contract a muscle, the more tension, and therefore
the more force you can generate.

The more you do it, the more YOU CAN do it.

And the stronger you get.

Make sense?

You bet it does.

So make sure you start practicing it in your training sessions –
that is – if you want to become stronger faster.

Now if you didn’t watch all of the video, you need to.


Here’s why:

I give a cue about what to do with your shoulders and what
happens to your abs as a result.

When you do this, file the sensation away for future reference.
That little cue makes a BIG difference in one of the BIG
double KB exercises.

I’ll tell you when you need it, unless you’ve figured it out

Talk soon.


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