Inside A Ukrainian Bathroom – 10 Darn Good Reasons To Squat

Ok, head’s up and fair warning – this may be a little
graphic for you – but that’s not the point.

I was in Ukraine for 3 weeks back in 1994, which was
shortly after the fall of the Iron Curtain and the

(Wow, we’re getting old, aren’t we?)

And there were no public “toilets.”


The public restrooms just had a “porcelain” hole
in the ground with no running water.

So to say it was a “little messy” would be an

Fortunately I never had use for it and the place
where we were staying had regular toilets – but
if there was ever an “emergency,” I would’ve been
fine –

Because I can squat and squat well.

If you’re not training your squat, you need to.

And if you are, you probably need to work it MORE.

Here’s why:

The Squat is a fundamental human movement pattern.
We all have done it at one point or another long
before it hurt our knees. It’s a built in motor

We start to lose it round about the time we’re
told to “sit still and pay attention.”

And yes, we’re meant to squat “all the way down” –
none of this silly half-squat nonsense.


But who really cares about that “fundamental movement
pattern” stuff?

What you really want to know is what training your
squat – arguably one of the most uncomfortable exercises
of all time – will actually DO for you.

Here are 10 darn good reasons you need to add the humble
KB Squat into your workout today (especially if you’re
over 30):

1) Full Squats protect your lower back by keeping
your hips and ankles mobile

2) Full Squats protect your knees by keeping your
hips and ankles mobile. (Half squats do not.)

3) Hip and ankle mobility are ESSENTIAL for protecting
your lower back from injury, especially while swinging
your kettlebell.

4) By squatting through a full and NATURAL (I didn’t
say “normal”) you use more muscle, get stronger, and
therefore burn more calories.

5) Squatting “all the way down” or “a$$-to-grass” as
it is affectionately called in strength circles, helps
you regain your youth and literally “feel” young again.

6) Squatting, including the Goblet Squat and especially
the KB Front Squat, work your abs hard, without you
having to work your abs. (Nice little bonus that…)

7) The KB Squat is a shortcut to increased mobility,
flexibility, and strength all rolled up nicely and
neatly into one little package – without the bow of

8) The KB Squat, makes the KB Swing better. It allows
you to get more hip activation and therefor burn more
calories per workout. (Nice superset by the way –
Squat + Swing…)

9) The KB Squat makes your whole body stronger – A LOT

10) You’ll be ready for any public bathroom in the world.

Do yourself a favor and start (re-start) training for those
bathrooms today – cause, hey, you just never know. ;-)

Here are over 29 different KB programs that include the
Squat to help you do that.

Talk soon.


P.S. Squat workouts don’t have to be long drawn out
tortuous events. In fact, I think you’re best served
if they’re short and sweet and to the point, like these

(Plus you’ll just feel better if they’re that way too.)

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