[INSIDE] Get A Head Start On The Easter Candy With This Quick Fat Loss Workout

Like Easter candy but feel guilty after you’ve eaten it?

Who doesn’t?

Not this year.

Here’s another workout from “More Kettlebell Muscle” for
you to use today, tomorrow, or Sunday.

It’s Day 2 of 3 from “The Long Haul.”

(Remember, I sent you Day 1 in the video on Monday.)

But be warned – this one is NASTY!

It’ll have you sucking wind harder than a sumo wrestler
chasing an ice cream truck!

Here it is in all it’s sweaty, sugar-smashing glory:

Clean x 30 seconds
Front Squat x 30 seconds
Press x 30 seconds
Snatch x 30 seconds
Swing x 30 seconds

Remember to use the same pair of KBs you used on
Monday just to keep it real.

Perform “just” 3 sets and keep the work to rest ratio at
1-to-2. This takes 2.5 minutes to complete, so take 5
between sets.

Total workout time: 17.5 minutes.

That’s “it.” LOLz….



P.S. Almost forgot – Happy Easter if you’re celebrating!

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