INSTANT Shoulder Strength. (Details Inside)

I have to admit something – I sometimes get caught up
in the weight or the reps and fail to focus on the the
finer points.

That works well for awhile, then something usually goes
“sproing” – a nagging ache or pain.

Or maybe everything just stops and grinds to a halt – you
know – one day the weight feels light, the next you can
barely budge it.

This seems to happen to a lot of people on the Press.

So here’s a handy little tip that will improve the stability
of your shoulder and therefore your strength.


I had several emails yesterday asking me to “geek out”
and explain why stuff works – so I’m gonna.

Here’s the tip:

Instead of pressing or doing your Get Ups with your palm
facing away (like you were holding onto a bar), squeeze
your KB from your pinky and rotate it toward your face,
ending in a semi-pronated position.

Here’s the Geeked-Out Explanation:

This does several things:

1. Makes the muscles in your forearm contract harder
providing more grip strength and “steering strength.”

2. Makes your biceps and triceps contract harder
giving you more control about the elbow and shoulder
and also allows you to push harder.

3. Externally rotates the forearm AND the upper arm,
creating space in the main shoulder joint (gleno-humeral
joint), which is safer for the shoulder.

4. By creating more space in the shoulder, the big ol’
lat is recruited more, along with the pec, again creating
a stronger, safer shoulder.

5. Interestingly enough, this also recruits your abs more

So give that little tip a shot. I know it’ll make a HUGE
difference in you pressing performance.

You’ll see immediate improvements in your shoulder
stability and strength on both your Press and your Get

It’s worked with almost everyone I’ve ever shared it with –
whether at the RKC or at my private workshops so I’m
pretty sure it’ll work for you too.

All you need now is a program that will improve your Press,
like “Gettin’ Down With the Get Up” or “Upper Body Blast” or
even “The Olympic” – all of which are in “Kettlebell Express!”

Get your copy and blow up your shoulder strength here.

Talk soon.


P.S. It’s best to use this tip starting with single kettlebell Presses
and then move to the doubles work. That way you can get
a feel for any strength discrepancies you may have between

Fortunately, the programs for shoulder strength in “Kettlebell
Express!” are all single kettlebell programs that you can get

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