Instantly Increase Your Strength By 10-30% With ZERO Extra Effort (Scientifically Proven)

You ever struggle with finding the *best* time to work out?

Many of us have, including me.

I’ve gotta confess – since the move I’ve really been
struggling to get on a training schedule that fits into
the rest of my life.

When I was in college, it seemed that my best training
was done from 4pm to 6pm.

For the last 10 years or so, it’s usually been after 6pm.

Early mornings?


Not wired that way.

Lately, I’ve been trying to train around 4pm lately because
when you get up around 530am, lifting heavy stuff, heck,
lifting anything can be a challenge later in the evening.

But I’ve been playing with the idea of training around
lunch, as a nice break in the work day. The times that I
have done that I’ve had great workouts.

The only problem is, that the gym is right below #1 son’s
room and lunchtime is his nap time.

Then, last week, I was digging through my Soviet
weightlifting training manuals doing some research
and I stumbled upon something very interesting –

Something that corroborated a lot of things that I’ve been
experiencing lately.

In case you don’t know this, the Soviets researched and
experimented with EVERYTHING.

In the book, “Managing the Training of Weightlifters,” by
Laputin and Oleshko, the authors site that according to
testing, your strength actually fluctuates during the day.

And because of this fluctuation, there are actually “best”
times to train.

Two actually.

Here they are:

11am – 2pm


6pm – 9pm

So for all of us worker bees that means lunch and in the
evening, either just before dinner or just after dinner.

The authors state that “muscular power increases by
10-30% at these times.” (p.35)

Funny thing is, just after I read this – within a couple of
days – I got an email from Dan Anderson – the guy who
I’ve written about who has been using “Kettlebell STRONG!”
and used it to press a pair of Beasts 6 times.

He was perplexed because he had just had a workout/
training session where he just “bonked” – the weights
felt heavy and he had to cut the workout short.

In the email he stated that he normally trains at Noon
but on that day he trained at 9am.

When I sent him back the research it made perfect
sense to him. And for his next training session he went
back to his standard noon time and “Hey Presto!” –

His strength was right back up!

Why am I telling you all this and more importantly,
how can you apply this right now?

Let’s face it, not everything in life is controllable.

And sometimes, it’d just be nice to have a reliable “shortcut.”

This is one of those “shortcuts.”

It’s a “gimme” – a freebie if you like.

I trained yesterday from 130-230pm and I hit numbers
on a lift that I hadn’t hit in years – maybe 10.

Sure, I’ve been doing other stuff to help this along, but
there was a NOTICEABLE difference in my power output
at 130 as opposed to 5pm, when most of my workouts
have been taking place lately.

Now I know what you may be thinking – you can’t workout
at those times – lunch or late in the evening.

So what do you do?

You keep on doing what you’re currently doing.


Because everything in life falls on a scale –

We’re always looking for good, better, best.

Working out is good.

Training with purpose using kettlebells is better.

Training with purpose using kettlebells at a time during
the day when your body’s natural energy levels are up
by 10-30% is best.

Here’s another “best” you need to be using -

“Waviness of loads” as we say in SFG, which you have
to admit, sounds a whole lot better than Lauptin and
Oleshko say - “the spasmodicity of the volume and
intensity of the loads.”

Lol – “spasmodicity.”

Sounds like a 80’s band.

Anyway, point is, Soviet research led by Prof. A. Voroboyev
states that fluctuating loads are your best bet for increases
in performance.

And that’s ANY performance.

Strength. Conditioning. Endurance.

Pick one or all 3, I don’t care. Just make sure that you’re
alternating your loads.

If you don’t know how to do this or don’t want to spend
the time or energy figuring it out, don’t worry – I’ve already
done it for you in “Kettlebell STRONG!.”

Who knows, you might even end up pressing the Beasts
6 times like Big Dan Anderson.

The really cool thing about “Kettlebell STRONG!” is that
it’s researched based so there is zero guesswork on
any of it –

From the techniques to the programs.

It’s worked for hundreds of others and it’ll work for you.

And faster than you would believe too.

“First and foremost, thank you so much for “Kettlebell
Strong!” I have never made such gains so quickly. I
feel like I learned how to do each of the double kettlebell
exercises correctly for the first time, and moved from 53
to 62 pounds almost immediately. Thank you for the work
you do to continue to improve technique and strength.

- Chris”

Get your copy here.

Talk soon.


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