Is Coffee Killing Your KB Workouts?

One of my friends sent me an email busting my chops
about my “decaf expresso” comments in yesterday’s

Yeah, I know it’s funny that I “waste” money on decaf –
I mean, what’s the point, right?

Well, besides the fact that I love the taste of coffee, there
still is a small amount of caffeine in decaf.

But nowhere near as much as the real Cup o’ Joe.

Which is why I quit drinking it almost a year ago and you
might want to consider doing so too for the much more
“wussy” decaf.

I’ll get to “why” coffee may be killing your KB workouts in
a minute…

At the end of last year, I went on a working vacation – took
the whole month of December off from training my clients.

We were a couple of time zones behind where we live
and I was just tired.

So, I was relying on coffee to keep me “up.”

Speaking of up, up until that point I’d drink about 3/4 of a
pot of coffee a day. And yup, I know that’s a lot.

But what I found was I basically doubled that and ended
up drinking about a pot and a half a day.

(Yeah, I know that’s kind of “extreme.” But what else do you
expect from a guy who writes and does programs like
“Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!”?)

And not only was I having a hard time sleeping, but I was
getting fat.

Yup, that belly fat was starting to pile on.

And yes, I was working out at the time too – nothing too hard
mind you.

Now why was that happening?

Quite simply, caffeine stimulates an adrenaline response.

That’s why you sometimes get that shaky feeling after too
much coffee. That’s a moderate adrenaline dump.

And adrenaline stimulates cortisol, which normally mobilizes
stored blood sugar for energy. The problem is, when
adrenaline is too high, you secrete too much cortisol.

And when your blood sugar gets too high, your body releases
insulin to store it back in your body’s cells.

And all that extra cortisol and insulin result in excess body

Nice, huh?

So, how does the coffee kill your kettlebell workouts?

Well hopefully you can see this coming but maybe not – so
here’s how this plays out.

You’re already stressed cause of work, life, etc.

So your adrenaline is already up. Higher than it should be.

And to accommodate for the stress, you work out – hard.

And that pumps out even more adrenaline.

And chances are pretty good that you’re not following RKC
principles in your workouts and coming to a comfortable stop
on your ballistics and not grinding our your grinds.

Heck, I can’t blame you – it just FEELS GOOD to push it –
especially when you’re stressed out.

And then you add your 20 oz Cup o’ Joe to the mix first thing
in the AM. And your mid-morning cup. And that one in the
afternoon – you know, around 2pm when you’re falling asleep.

So you’re adrenal glands are just taking a beating all day long
being forced to produce more adrenaline that they should –
in turn jacking up your cortisol levels.

No wonder so many of us have a hard time sleeping at night.

So, back off the coffee for a while – use the decaf like I do.

It’ll reduce your anxiety and stress levels, reduce your cortisol
levels, and reduce your stomach fat (more on that later).

And dial back on your long workouts.

Again, you’ll reduce the demand on your adrenal glands,
and reduce the whole cortisol response thing as well.

Use shorter KB workouts like these –

Alright, I’m off for my third (and last) cup of decaf for the day.


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