Is Late Night KB Training Better Than Normal Times? [PROOF]

I don’t know about you, but at the end of the day I just
want to chill-ax. (Chill out + relax.)I don’t really want to work out.

Yet when I was younger (about 10 years ago) I kept
an insane schedule – I trained clients from 6am to 7pm
(sometimes 8pm) at night.

And THEN I would workout.

I’d start working out about 730 or 8pm on most nights.

And I would have GREAT workouts.

I didn’t discover the “why” until recently.

I tell you about that in a minute, but first –

Sometimes our schedules are so crazy insane that
late night is the only time we have to work out.

The problem is, our emotional and physical energy is
so low that we don’t feel like doing anything or much
of anything.

And when that’s the case, it’s very easy to either do
nothing or get a “scrub” workout in – something that
doesn’t have much effect – just something kind of
random and haphazard.

So what should you do?

1) Something simple.

Your program should not have a lot of moving parts.

Maybe one or two exercises – so you don’t waste a
lot of emotional energy.

Single KB programs should revolve around the Swing
or the Snatch.

Double KB programs – well, I could talk about these
till the cows come home: Clean & Press, Clean & Push
Press, or Clean & Jerk.

2) Something repeatable.

When you keep your programs simple, they’re easy to

Forget about being “bored” – you can entertain yourself
with the latest episode of “Law & Order” or “Desperate
Housewives of Beverly Hills” or whatever when you’re

They need to be repeatable for peace of mind – no
mental arousal needed – I think Dan John might call
these “punch the clock” workouts

Not only that, the need to be –

3) Measurable.

Peter Drucker, the famous production management guru,
stated, “what gets measured gets managed.”

How do you know if you’re making progress with your


You measure them.

Or parts of them.

Again, the simplest, easiest way to measure your workouts
is to keep the program drop dead simple. (See point #1

Ok, now, back to that whole late night thing…

I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago – that according
to Soviet weightlifting research, there are 2 times of
the day that you produce more power – up to 20% more

11am to 2pm.


6pm to 9pm.

And that’s where the “late night” lifting comes in.

If you’re eating dinner at 630 or 7, you can be done at
730pm and lifting at 830.

(When I get up at 5am, 830pm feels late to me!)

And when you’re using a simple, repeatable, and
measurable workout, it’s VERY realistic to think that
you can be done in 30 minutes – by 9pm -AND STILL get a GREAT workout in.

And if you were using “Kettlebell STRONG!” you’d
have your choice of programs to do tonight –

Either the “STRONG!” program or the “One” program.

Just imagine – you could finish reading this email
and go work out and be done in 30 minutes or less and
you’d STILL have time to catch your favorite show on

The best part about “Kettlebell STRONG!” is that it’s
simple, repeatable, and measurable, which means
that your results are virtually guaranteed.

Get your copy here.

Talk soon.Geoff

P.S. If you’re reading this now and it’s later in the evening
or late at night -just think, if you had “Kettlebell STRONG!”
you’d be sitting here smiling and nodding in agreement
with this email instead of wondering if your current
workouts are getting the job done.

It’s not too late – get your copy here – it’ll be in your hands
in about 7-10 business days if you live in the US and
15-25 business days if you’re international.

P.P.S. Almost forgot – there are some sweet bonuses that
you get via email with “Kettlebell STRONG!.” One of
them shows you how to modify the “One” program if
you can’t complete the whole thing first time through.

I show you two different modifications you can make
to “break in” the “One” program. 

The cool thing is you can have it in your hands in
about 48 hours so you can get started on the “One”
program almost pronto while you’re waiting for the
DVDs and book to arrive.

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