Is “Psychic Stress” Killing Your KB Workouts?

Let’s face it – stress sucks.

And we have WAY to much of it in our lives.

The unfortunate thing about it is that many of us don’t
even know how stressed out we are.

One of the benefits to having long term personal training
clients (I’m talking 10+ years) is that you get to see what
REALLY works in the training and nutrition world.

Saturday, one of my clients – “E” – and I were talking about
her new diet program.

One of the things that’s making it “easy” for here is her
new iPhone app – “Lose It!” where she tracks ALL of
her calories.

And surprise! She’s lost 12 pounds in the last month
by simply –

1) having a goal – drop some LB’s
2) keeping herself accountable – the app
3) actually DOING the work necessary – logging her
food into the app

Here’s the best part – she’s found something that actually
works for her.

Key words: “Works for her.”

Not the other way around.

It makes here life less stressful.

Let’s face it – we all have more than enough work to do.
More than enough stuff going on.

Which is funny, cause this was one of the conversations
we were having between sets.

And it’s one of the reasons – probably the BIGGEST
reason you’re not seeing the results you expected when
you signed up for this whole KB thing.

Between working 50 hours a week, all the email you
have to catch up on, running the kids back and forth
between band, soccer, and other after school activities,
you don’t have time to think about your workouts.

I mean really think:

– Are these REALLY getting me where I need to go?

– Is this workout helping me or hurting me?

– Is there something better that I should be doing and if
so, how would I know?

– And do I have the time to look for it?

But investigating these questions takes WORK.

And that causes Psychic Stress -

You know, that low grade anxiety that something’s not
quite right that lingers in the back of your mind –

But you just don’t know what it is and how to identify it,
let alone solve the problem that it’s creating.

What you need is a solution that, like that iPhone app –

Works for you.

I mean, literally, does all the work for you, and in doing
so relieves that Psychic Stress –

And the massive energy drain it causes – so that you can
free up that energy to focus on other more important things.

That’s why I created the Inner Circle.

I’ve done all the “heavy lifting” for you – after training
people for 20 years and training them with KBs for 11,
I know exactly what you need to not only –

Make progress, but more importantly, KEEP making
progress, week after week, month after month, year
after year…

When you’re ready to dump the stress that trying to
figure the *best* workout causes you and you want
to use that energy for more important things, then
jump on into the Inner Circle.

Your results are waiting.

Talk soon.


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