Is The Devil REALLY In The Details? (A HORROR Story…)

So the contractor is over today finishing up some
of the final items on our renovations.

This has been a “work in progress” over the last
6 years and this is the fourth contractor we’ve used.

Each one has been hired to clean up the mess the
previous one created. Which is funny, cause at the
time, when the work is done, it looks great. It’s
only later that you see what DIDN’T get done.

(Yes, I did my due diligence, but it’s funny how
people have a way of hiding things.)

As you might be able to imagine, this has been a
“horror story.”

Anyway, the contractor and I were talking about
joints and seams and how you need to make mitered
cuts instead of straight cuts to keep seams from popping.

But that’s not all – cause over time even mitered cuts
will pop if you don’t use glue, which apparently is
something 99% of all contractors skip.

Interesting, no?

Well, not really, not if you’re not into building or
construction or any of that –


You can certainly see the implications of paying
attention to little details like this in your kettlebell

Like how to cycle your goals and objectives into
your kettlebell workouts.

Or how to incorporate special KB exercises into
your workouts to make the main KB exercises
easier, stronger, more beneficial to your body.

Or even the “best” order to sequence your KB
exercises in to create the best results from your
workouts for the amount of time you’re investing
into them.

See, what you perceive you’re doing as “right” or
correct now, can come back and “pop” on you
later – like a seam in your trim work.

Looked good when it was first done, but two years
later the seam pops open and you have to fix it
some how.

More caulk, more nails, even some glue.


Worst case scenario you’ve gotta rip it off/down and
redo the whole thing.

Again, kettlebell training is just like that.

You may start out thinking everything’s ok and
you’re seeing some results.

But then, later on, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, or even
5 into it, stuff happens.

Or worse yet, you get started down this road and
very little [good] happens.

And that’s because you weren’t aware of the details.

That’s why I created the “Kettlebell Burn Inner Circle.”

It’s where the details live.

It’s where you get my 20+ years of weight training
experience, 23,000+ hours of personal training
experience, and 11 years of kettlebell experience
all distilled into a monthly kettlebell program.

So, you can watch youtube videos, read blog posts,
surf the book of faces, and piece this stuff together
on your own and hope your seams don’t pop somewhere
in the future –

OR –

You can get all the details distilled into one convenient
and easy to use location – the Inner Circle and avoid
what could be a horror story of your own.

Simple choice really…

Talk soon.


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