Is The Get Up Enough For Your Abs?

I like the Get Up, or the Turkish Get Up.

It’s a fine, fine exercise.

But is it “enough” for you abs?

Will it give you a strong enough midsection?

Depends on who you listen to.

And it depends on the individual performing it.

The Get Up is great – there’s no doubt.

Among other things, it:

– Promotes shoulder stability and mobility…

– Teaches you how to link the upper and lower
body together – an important athletic skill…

– Combines many parts of human development into
one movement: Rolling, sitting, kneeling,
lunging, standing…

Here’s the thing:

Many times people struggle with the Get Up because
they are missing pieces of the developmental sequence.

And some of those pieces actually revolve around
what we’d call direct abdominal training.

I know – shocking.

Especially when we’ve all been sold that the Get
Up is all we need to do for core work.

I say “we” because not only was I sold it, I also
promoted it as well.

That was because I thought it was – after all, I could
do a Get Up with the Beast.

And I had worked my way up from scratch – starting
my Get Up training from bodyweight all the way up
to the 48kg.

However, training the Get Up, and pieces of the GU,
was not “all” that I did.

I did some developmental work (Original Strength) and
direct ab work.

And more direct ab work than just Planks and their

(Actually, I didn’t do any Planks or variations
because I’ve done A LOT of Planks in my day and
needed different exercises.)

Here’s why direct ab work is important for many when
training the Get Up:

The Get Up uses pretty much all the muscles in the

And for fat loss, that makes it metabolically
demanding – VERY demanding for some people.

That is fancy “trainer-speak” for it burns A LOT of

So, by training your abs directly, you can improve
your your Get Up, and therefore increase the amount
of calories you can and will burn, depending on the
sets of reps you use.

What kind of ab exercises should you be doing?

– Exercises that teach you to stabilize your spine.

– Exercises that teach you to move while your spine
is stabilized.

– And exercises that load your body while you stabilize
your spine.

You should include these types of exercises in your
training program, especially if you’re struggling
with your Get Up or want to improve your current
Get Up.

My very good friend, Chris Lopez, SFG2 and OS Coach,
has included a bonus called “The Essential Abs Guide”
as a bonus to his outstanding single KB program called,
“Kettlebell Evolution.”

It’s an 8-week program that includes:

1. The Kettlebell Evolution Advanced Fat Loss Manual

– Here’s a real strength training program, that focuses
on technique – each exercise, set, and rep specified –
which coincidentally strips off body fat.

2. The Kettlebell Evolution Follow Along Sessions Videos

– Chris takes you through each KB training in real
time so you can see what kind of pace you should have
and how the program should flow.

3. The Kettlebell Evolution Video Exercise Library

– Detailed descriptions of each of the single KB
exercises so you can maximize your technique – making
you stronger and incidentally helping you burn off

4. The Macro-Rhythm Eating Manual

– This is an eating guide that fits in to the busiest
of lifestyles and when followed, will help you actually
LOSE body fat over the Holiday Season instead of
gaining like most people will.

5. The “Kettlebell Evolution” Training & Transformation

– Often overlooked, a training journal is the best
way to measure progress. If it’s not measured, it’s
not managed. And you can’t know for sure if you’re
making progress or not.

6. The “Kettlebell Evolution” Quick Start MP3 Audio

– Download the Quick Start MP3 to your iPhone and get
all your immediate questions answered.


Chris has thrown in FOUR bonuses:

Bonus 1: The Hardstyle Kettlebell Essentials Manual

Perfect your KB form using SFG Hardstyle techniques
in each of the 6 main KB exercises: Swing, TGU, Goblet
Squat, Clean, Press, and Snatch.

Bonus 2: The Hardstyle Kettlebell Essentials Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words
is a video worth? This is perfect for visual and
auditory learners.

Bonus 3: Accelerated 10-Minute Training Plug-In

Sometimes you’re strapped for time and can’t get your
workouts done. That’s where these “Plug-In’s” come
in handy.

Bonus 4: The Essential Ab Guide

I’ve already told you about this one – you’ll learn
how to ramp up your abdominal strength to not only
increase your TGU strength AND your other KB lifts –

Which means you’re going to get stronger and leaner

I asked Chris to give a discount especially for my
readers and he graciously knocked 62% off his program –

But only til Midnight tomorrow.

Talk soon.


P.S. “Kettlebell Evolution” is a great single KB
program you can use for the next 8 weeks to refine
your single KB skills, which form the foundation for
your double KB skills.

You’ll not only sharpen your skills, but you’ll find
some weak spots holding you back – like your abs –
and will end up burning more calories and more fat.


Because a stronger body can do more work. And more
work = more calories (fat) burned.

Get your copy of “Kettlebell Evolution” here.

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