Is There REALLY A Difference Between Beginner And Advanced KB Workouts?

I get some amazing questions and comments from some
of my clients and readers, for which I’m very grateful.

In one recent conversation, a client wrote in and was
concerned that the workouts she was doing were for
beginners because they were too easy.

That brings up a great question – two actually – about our
KB workouts:

1. Is there REALLY a difference between a beginner’s
workout and an advanced trainee’s workout?

(I’ll get to the second question in a minute.)


And no.

Lemme explain.

A raw beginner needs to learn the principles behind
KB training – what the movements are and how to do
the movements safely –

Things like folding/hinging the hips on the Swing
and how that carries over to the Clean and Snatch.

And how to protect the shoulder on the Get Up by
learning how to pack it. And later how this is used
on the Press.

And he needs to keep his training simple so he can
focus on these things.

And advanced trainee should be proficient with these
techniques along with the other KB exercises and
will know how to apply them to each of the exercises.

Pretty straightforward so far.

Now here’s where it gets interesting – which leads us
to our second question:

2. How do you make a beginner’s workout an advanced


Use a heavier KB.

Playing around with a half bodyweight Get Up for example
is an “advanced” workout.

It requires a tremendous amount of strength, focus, and

Here’s another example that looks like it could be a
beginner’s workout –

– 1H Swings – 5 reps, every 30s for 5 minutes, progressing
to 10 minutes.

Until you use a 48kg KB. Then all the stuff you learned
as a beginner comes flooding back to your brain
because the weight isn’t so light anymore.

And that means you have to be fully and mentally engaged.

So the real differences between beginner and advanced
workouts are simply:

1. The awareness, application, and mastery of certain

2. The application of said principles to all the KB exercises

3. Size of KB.

If there’s ever any doubt if you’re doing a “beginner’s” workout,
and the workout feels way to easy – use a heavier KB.

Then it’ll feel very advanced as you fight to control your
movement and the KB’s movement.

For some great beginner’s, intermediate, and advanced
workouts that are incredibly time-efficient like that Swing
workout example – check these out –

Talk soon.


P.S. Keep your eyes peeled – got some big announcements
for you coming up in the next couple of weeks.

P.P.S. One more difference between a beginner’s workout
and an advanced trainee’s workout is the volume of work they
can handle – a novice has a lower work capacity than an
advanced trainee. So the advanced trainee can do more.

However, an advanced trainee might be tempted to do more
work in the form of more exercises or more reps – that’s
not necessary and often times counter-productive.

The best way to get more work done is still more often
than not to add weight – use a bigger KB.

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