Is This Often NEGLECTED Area Holding You Back From Seeing Results?

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m big into results.

I like to write programs that produce results.

Noticeable results.

Sometimes, almost instantaneous results, depending on
the person using the program.

However, I can write the most awesome program and you
might not see anything.

Nope. Not a thing. Nuthin’.

Why not?

Most likely because you’ve got an area in your life
that’s holding you back.

And it’s not weak abs or tight hip flexors.

It’s not a sticky shoulder or a low movement assessment

And it’s not a lack of kettlebell sizes.

And it’s not even the lack of direction or not having
a coach.

Well what is it then?

It’s your MIND.

“Oh no – not one of these “inspirational” emails again…”


Just the facts.

Here’s the deal –

There’s a proverb that says, “As a man thinks in his heart,
so is he.”

(Yes, we’re talking about “mankind” here, so you can sub in
“woman” in there.)

So that means your outcome in life follows your dominant
thought patterns

Think you’re weak?

You’ll be weak.

Keep thinking weak – you’ll stay weak.

Think you’re fat?

You’ll be fat and stay fat.

Pretty simple really.

Your subconscious mind will actually look for ways to
fulfill what you are actually thinking, and even speaking.

(More on that tomorrow – that’s actually scary in cool
sort of way.)

And that explains why so many people are stuck in a
rut – maybe even you.

They – you – are unknowingly trying to get your actions
to line up with your thoughts – when your thoughts
don’t line up with your actions.

You’re literally tearing yourself in two.

And that’s why you’re so frustrated.

So here’s how you overcome that:

Start thinking about WHAT you want to ACCOMPLISH
instead of where you are now.

Start thinking of HOW your life will be different once
you achieve your goal.

It’s really THAT simple.

Your feelings stem from your thoughts.

You may still feel fat. But that’s cause you think

You may still feel weak. But that’s cause you think

Think lean.

Think strong.

Then you’ll start feeling lean.

And you’ll start feeling strong.

Here’s what else:

Your actions flow or stem from your feelings.

Don’t feel like getting up early to work out?

Then you most likely won’t.

Feel strong?

Then you’ll start acting strong.

So start thinking the way you want to be.

Then start taking action toward those goals, whether
you “feel” like it or not.

Here’s something else holding you back –

And it’s a symptom of –


It’s the indecision that comes from wanting to change
but constantly thinking in a negative fashion.

It assures that you’ll never get anywhere.

Some call it “double-mindedness.”

It feels like you’re getting pulled in two different
directions –

The direction you want to go and the direction toward
“stuck” – the place you currently are.

That’s because you’re thinking two different thoughts.

Two opposing thoughts.


Pick one.

Pick the one that gets you where you want to go.

And then take action.

Any action that gets you one step closer to your goal.



Whatever you can handle.

Any action is better than no action at all.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with a “kooky” concept that will
help you take even more action – and see results at a
faster than normal pace.

In the meantime, if you’ve been sitting on the fence
about what the best way to get strong using your
kettlebells, take action and grab your copy of
“Kettlebell STRONG!” today.

Inside you’ll find a series of actions – small, sustainable
actions that will get you to your goal – getting noticeably
stronger – moving up a KB size – or increasing your
conditioning – or better yet – both.

Talk more tomorrow.


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