Is Your Cup O’ Joe Killing Your KB Workouts?

I have a confession to make.

I recently gave up coffee.

Shortly after our daughter was born, I noticed I was back
on a pot of coffee or more a day.

And then it happened:

I was getting ready for bed and noticed that I was starting
to develop love-handles.


The dreaded middle-aged spread.

“You’re over 40 now ya know… it’s to be expected.”

Shells No!

And then I looked at my lifestyle.

Nothing had changed in my nutrition. Still ate the same
basic menu.

Except the coffee.

Like I said, a pot or more a day.

Ohhh…. I’d seen this before – back when I quit coffee the
first time when our son was about 8 months old.

Same thing happened there.

See, too much coffee – too much caffeine.

And too much caffeine triggers an adrenal response – the
“Fight or Flight” response.

That’s where your body releases adrenaline and cortisol
for immediate energy usage.

The problem is that this will screw up your stress hormone

Your cortisol levels get jacked up and as a result, your
blood sugar becomes chronically elevated. (Cortisol is
a mobilization hormone – it signals your cells to release
sugar, fat, and even protein.)

As a result, your insulin – a powerful growth and storage
hormone increases.

And as a result, you get fat.


And even that nasty belly fat.

Your body is in a state of chronic stress – or rather –


The sad thing is that it doesn’t matter whether your a man
or a woman.

The mechanisms are the same.

Too much caffeine = too much stress = lovehandles and
belly fat.

And you know what the absolute worst types of KB workouts
are that you can do during these times of high caffeine, high
stress situations?

Hard, metabolic ones.


That’s right the ones that jack your heart rate up through the
roof and suddenly make you more religious. (Think about

Why are these so bad?

Because you’re adding more stress to an already over-
stressed system…

Further increasing the demand on your adrenal glands,
releasing adrenaline and cortisol.

And increasing your body’s ability to store, NOT burn,

So, what do you do instead?

1. Switch to decaf.

I buy two brands – the local one from Whole Paycheck and
Gevalia from our local grocery store.

Sure, you’re going to be tired for a couple of days.

You may even have a headache.

So what.

It’ll pass.


2. Implement some stress relieving activities.

Laughing, taking a long hot shower or bath, turning the TV off
and getting in bed earlier, stretching, even some easy yoga will
all help you relax and start to restore balance to your body.

(Yes, I did just recommend yoga. Although not for me, some
people find it relaxing. I prefer Indy car racing… Kidding.)

3. Switch to shorter, technique and strength-based workouts.

This will be tough for many people.

They’re addicted to “great workout” feeling that comes along
with a tough metabolic workout.

That and they’ve been brainwashed into thinking that somehow
feeling exhausted is the way to get results.

It’s not.

Think about it:

Would you rather bust your butt doing manual labor on a road
crew for $10 an hour OR…

Would you rather place an options trade and make 33% on
every $1000 you invested?

One’s harder (way harder) and the pay off is very little and
the other takes WAY less work, is much easier to execute,
and has a MUCH higher payoff.

I think we’d both agree option 2 is the sensible and desired

Workouts are the same way.

I recommend taking the next 30 days “off” your regular workouts
and “just” focus on your technique.

I say “just” because I think you’ll be surprised, when you do
this right –

a) how challenging it is (in a good way)
b) how much quality work you can actually perform
c) how many junk reps you were actually doing before
d) how “refreshed” and “de-stressed” you’ll actually feel
when done

When using double KBs, get your technique squared away
with the 3.5+ hours of technique instruction in the “Kettlebell

You’ll have plenty to discover, especially when you see my
“crash test dummy” – an SFG2 – get taken through the paces.

Make sure you stop and implement each of the cues in each
of the exercises.

Do one exercise each day and practice for maybe a refreshing
20 minutes.

That’s it.


At the end of the 30 days you’ll be:

a) Leaner.
b) Stronger.
c) Less stressed out.
d) Happier (especially with your new physique).

De-stress and decaffeinate with “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.

Talk soon.


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