Is Your KB Program REALLY Supporting Your Goals? Here’s How To Know For Sure…

Got a FB message from my friend Sean about my book
“Kettlebell Muscle.”

He had a few questions about what the program was designed
to do – he wants to get strong but lose some fat first. I told
him that KM was a muscle-building program and told him how
to modify it for fat loss. And assured him he’d get strong in
the process.

Our conversation highlighted a common problem in our community
and the fitness community at large

Confusion about how EXACTLY to achieve your goals.

And no wonder – there is so much noise out there competing
for your attention – it is easy to get distracted by the latest,
greatest, shiniest new Workout of the Day.

So here’s the thing – and let’s put this out here to help
set you straight once and for all

Your outcome to any goal is based on two things –

Strength and Nutrition.Weight

Here are some common goals that we all have or have had
at one point or another

1. Get strong.

You need to lift relatively heavy and eat enough to support
the recovery process.

If you’re in a weight category sport, you need to eat just
enough to not outgrow your category, or eat more to grow
into the next category. Or, eat less to drop into the lower

2. Build Muscle.

You need to lift in a variety of fashions, but mostly still
relatively heavy generating enough tension within your
muscles to cause the mechanisms of growth to occur.

These mechanisms are supported by food. It’s generally
accepted that the more muscle you want to gain, the more
food you’ll need to eat in order to build that muscle.

3. Lose Fat.

People often confuse this with “weight.”

“Weight” is a catch-all term that is a measurement of gravity
on your body.

“Fat” is extra calories stored as energy on your body in
places like your waist, hips, stomach, chest, lower back,
legs, etc… and is there to be used as a future fuel source.

So really, it doesn’t matter what you’re weight is doing
as long as your fat levels are decreasing. And you know
this by measuring and taking pictures.

I am a BIG advocate of lifting for strength while on a fat loss


Because it burns calories and allows you do more work.

The stronger you are, the more work you can do. And the
more work you can do, the more fat you can potentially burn.

That’s key – “potentially.”

The rest of your potential is based on how much food you’re
eating or not eating.

To lose fat, it’s a case of “not eating” – being in a caloric
deficit over an extended period of time.

So where do you start with your goals if you’re not sure
what they are?


Get Strong First.

Let me give you an example from my life.

I’m in strength-getting mode.

That’s my goal.

Last night’s workout was 3 exercises – all between 5-7 sets
of 3-5 reps.

Afterward, I chowed down: Almost 2 pounds of beef,
almost 2 pounds of potatoes, and a big bowl of cereal.

This morning, as I type this, I’m starving.

My metabolic rate is way up.

And I was leaner this morning than I was yesterday morning.

When you train for strength and eat the right amounts of
food, you will slowly transform the way you look, feel, and

The problem there are the words “slowly transform.”

No one wants to do anything slowly these days.

(I can’t point fingers – neither do I in most cases.)

But that’s a law of nature. Results take time.

But no matter what you want your results to be, base them
on getting strong.

Strength is your foundation.

When you want to get strong – use a pair of kettlebells.

When you want to get REALLY Strong using a pair of
kettlebells, get “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

It’s the ultimate combination of “how-to instruction” and
strength programming – “do this and get strong.”

Build the foundation for all your goals here –

Get “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

Talk soon.


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