“It Rocks! I Got Leaner In The Waist AND Stronger!”

That’s what John Grahill said about my “Double Stuff”

The one that’s designed to help you put on muscle in only
4 to 8 minutes per day.

Here’s what else he said:

So, on a program to build muscle, he:

+ Got leaner in the waist

+ Got stronger – his 12RM went to a 16RM

+ Got even stronger – His 1RM became his 3RM

+ Got a conditioning effect too.

Yeah, but did he grow muscle?

+ “Absolutely gained some lean mass from it too.”

+ Claimed this workout was every bit as effective as
“Kettlbell Muscle” – even shorter

What about you?

Would you like to see these kinds of results using 4 to
8 minute long workouts only 3 times per week?

You can when you grab a copy of the “Double Stuff”
time-efficient muscle building program.

There’s no fancy sales page – so when you click the link
below, you’ll be taken directly to the confirmation page,
then the checkout page and then immediately to the access
page where you’ll be able to download your program less
than 5 minutes from now.

Think about this:

1. You can do the first A workout today.

It’ll take you a whopping 8 minutes after your warm up.

Your upper body will be filled with blood and your heart
will be thumping.

2. Take tomorrow off.

Rest up and relax. You deserve it.

3. Wake up Christmas day, and do the first B workout.

Your legs AND upper body will be filled with blood and
your heart won’t be thumping – it’ll be racing.

You’ll eat anything not nailed down and turn it into

4. Take the 26th off.

More resting. More growing.

5. Work out again on the 27th, 29th, and 31st, for 8
minutes or less.

Each day your heart rate will increase, and your upper
and lower body will feel even more engorged with blood
(you know, “the pump” that bodybuilders talk about) and
you’ll feel like you’re getting a great workout – because
you are.

The best part of course, is you’ll be killing 2 birds with one
stone –

Not only will you be priming your body for growing muscle
with your extra holiday calories, your heart rate be
elevated post-workout so you’ll be burning those calories
stored as fat long after your workouts are over.

6. And each workout your workout time DECREASES.

Which means you’re pushing your body to adapt and grow,
and grow it will.

So while everyone else is putting off the inevitable –
having to face down their “fat demon” on January 1st,
you’ll strut into 2015 more muscular than you were
in 2014 and you’ll use your Holiday Fare to do it.

It feels really good knowing something that others don’t.

Like how to leverage all this “party-eating” to your

Build Muscle. Burn Fat. Get Stronger. In 8 minutes a day
or less.

Talk soon.


P.S. Almost forgot – was going to shut down this sale
today, but I decided against it just in case you need
a last minute Christmas gift to yourself this year.

Tomorrow will be the last chance you can get your copy
of the “Double Stuff” program.

Get your copy here.

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