It’s All About YOU!

That’s right – it is.

It’s YOUR life and it’s all about YOU.

And of course the ones you love.

Now I’m not suggesting you lead a self-centered life –
not in the slightest.

But what I am suggesting is that one of the reasons
you might not be experiencing a life that you’d like
is quite simple –

You don’t have the right tools to do the job.

For example, when you look back over this past year,
have you hit all your goals?

What about your physical goals?

Did you lose that weight that you wanted to?

Or get those big numbers on your snatch test?

Or finally press half your bodyweight with one arm?

Or even just commit yourself to working out on a regular

If not, do you know why?

I do.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to one thing and
one thing only –


You need more of it.

Now strength isn’t sexy to talk about.

You don’t ever see it on late night infomercials.

In fact, you see the opposite.

All you see is fast and easy.

And strength is neither.

So why bother with it?

Because life isn’t fast and easy.

(Except the promise of fast and easy.)

Life’s a marathon and you need strength to not only
endure it, but to win the small battles you face each

Not only that, but those who live fast and easy often
end up injured, maimed, imprisoned, or worse yet –
dead, and often at a young age.

No, strength is enduring. Just like life is supposed to
be. Just like your legacy – what you leave behind – is
supposed to be. Strong.

Strength takes time to build and time to manifest.

But there ARE “shortcuts” to strength.

Shortcuts that can help you lose weight faster.

Put up more numbers in the snatch.

Finally reach your half bodyweight press.

And even commit to working out on a regular basis.

Actually, there are really only TWO shortcuts.

One of them is using a pair of kettlebells for the majority
of your training. (And no, they don’t actually have to
be the same size either.)

The other is actually learning the BEST way to use
that pair of kettlebells.

That way is called “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

The Truth is, these aren’t really “shortcuts” at all.

These are tried and true methods – more like a direct

A runway if you will.

A runway to strength – with flashing lights and a control
tower guiding you to success.

Instead of getting lost in the woods – off the beaten path –
distracted by bright colored objects and the sounds of
entertainment… moving, but not in the direction you
really want.

The Truth is, if you want 2013 to be better than 2012 –

The year you cross some of your goals off your list
and add new ones –

You need to be stronger.

“Kettlebell STRONG!” will make it happen for you.

Bottom line:

YOU + “Kettlebell STRONG!” = STRONGER YOU.


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