“It’s Simple But Devastatingly Effective… Like A Ninja.”

Just got this email from one of my customers, Pierre Lachaine, yesterday.

I think it’s important that you read it in its entirety because it’s one
thing when I say something, but something else altogether when it
comes from a “normal Joe.”

I’ve taken the liberty to highlight/emphasize the things that really stood
out to me.


Hi Geoff,

I just wanted to write a little note to thank you for Kettlebell Strong…

I’m a busy guy. I have a newborn and a toddler at home. I have a fulltime
job. I’m writing a novel in what little spare time I have.

I’ve spent years being a “program jumper.” I’d buy one, and do it for awhile
and just when I’d start to see results, something would throw my life off
balance (like, uh, kids…) and I’d go off the rails. Too often, these programs
were too rigid (must do 5 days a week or you’re a failure!), complicated
(they didn’t mention I needed a chin up bar when they said bodyweight only)
or time consuming (what was promised as a 30 minute workout to be done
3 days a week doesn’t include the 3 day/week cardio or the warmups).
Needless to say, I’ve spent a lot of money on crap programs that weren’t
quite as “easy” as advertised.

But Kettlebell Strong has changed my thinking. I’ve realized that if a program
is no fun, I won’t stick with it. If it makes me feel bad about myself because
I can’t meet its strict and rigid requirements, I won’t stick with it. If it’s too
complicated or time consuming, I won’t stick with it.

Sure, Kettlebell Strong won’t give me abs of steel in 4 weeks like the other
programs (ha!). I’ve realized that isn’t the goal, though. The goal is to be headed
in the right direction more often than not. And that applies to most things in life.
the goal is to be consistent in my training.
With KBS, I’m finally able to fit a
workout into my busy schedule that I like
(I’ll admit that I dream about it at
night). It’s simple but devastatingly effective. My body is more “solid” than
its ever been. I can better manage the constant squatting of having a toddler.
I can hit the floor, play with my kids, then get back up without using my hands,
like a ninja
. My posture has improved. My biceps are growing while my
waistline is shrinking. If I miss a workout one week, that’s cool, it’ll just take
me an extra day to reach my goal. I’m taking the longview. What’s the rush?

So, yeah, thanks!


Thanks, Pierre!

What else can I say?

If you’re looking to duplicate Pierre’s experience and results, get “Kettlebell
STRONG!” today.

Talk soon.


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