Jack O’ Lantern’s KB Training “Secret?”

Hey – hope you had a good week last week.

Sorry I was incommunicado – was away on business and was working dawn to dusk and beyond.

Speaking of, here’s something you can apply today to your KB training.

Last weekend I was carving the kids’ pumpkin.

It was a little one and I was using a lame knife.

After I scooped out the guts, I started cutting the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Here’s the part that applies to us –

The more I cut, the less pressure I had to put on the knife, because I could feel the pumpkin wanting to collapse.


If I had put more pressure on the knife, I would’ve crushed the pumpkin. (Cause, oh yeah, I’m that strong, LOL.)

When people are doing their KB grinds, they tend to do the same thing as their workouts go on –

They put less pressure on the KB.

Unfortunately, that means that the KB crushes them, not vice versa like the pumpkin carving.

What this means is that if you want to burn more calories and / or get stronger – you must control your KB.

And that is done by continually crush-gripping your KB -

Whether you’re pressing, doing Get Ups, squatting, or whatever.

This keeps the KB in the correct position, which in turn keeps your body in the correct position.

This is critical because positioning determines function. If you’re out of position, you lose optimal function of the muscles you’re trying to use.

Lose that function and you decrease the effectiveness of your workout.

And that of course means you’re essentially wasting your time.

Make sense?

(Of course it does.)

So here’s the deal:

It doesn’t matter what you’re training for – fat loss or strength –

The correct technique will make the difference between your success and your failureoptimal training or injury.

And it doesn’t matter what you’re training for – fat loss or strength –

Double kettlebell training will get you to your destination faster.

In order to learn the correct techniques, watch the “Kettlebell STRONG!” DVDs.

There are 3.5+ hours of in-depth technique training inside.

Get your copy here.

Talk soon.


PS – One of the mistakes people make when implementing new techniques is to use old workout methodology – high reps, etc.

The BEST way to implement new techniques is with lower rep, lower fatigue training and workouts.

That’s why you’ll get the “STRONG!” program when you order your DVDs today.

When you use it, you’ll be able to implement your new techniques and still feel like you’re getting a “good workout.”

Get “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.

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