Jerks v. Presses? – Yes or No Confusion


Soooo… Apparently the ol’ Geoffster has a reading comprehension

I sent out an email earlier today, for which I apologize, which
I probably confused the heck out of you.

Michal wanted to know –

“Short question
I have 2 of your programs strong and muscle.
I see that strong is clean plus press. Is it a mistake
if I do this program with long cycle
Clean plus jerk with heavy kettlebell.”

I answered, “Yes.”


It’s a mistake??


I was reading whether it was a good idea.

So, anyway, not sure if you were confused or not.

The deal is, if you have “Kettlebell STRONG!” or you’re
thinking of getting it –

You don’t have to use “only” the Clean + Press for the
“STRONG!” program.

You can cycle through it using 3 different exercises.

You can start with a pair of heavy KBs – ones you can’t
press, but can clean – and do Clean + Jerks.

Once you’ve done a cycle with the C+J, you can move on
to the Clean + Push Press.

And once you’ve gone through a cycle with the C+PP,
you can move into the Clean + Press.

It’s a really great way to get strong all over.

If  you’re not sure how to Jerk correctly (most people aren’t)
then you’ll be happy to know I go into GREAT detail on
how to Jerk –

An more importantly –

How to know if you’re body is ready to Jerk and how to
prepare it to be so.

If you’ve been wanting to learn the Jerk (or even the Push
Press) you’ll find a deep dive on the Jerk on pages 57-72
of “Kettlebell STRONG!

Talk soon.



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