KB Lessons From Driving In Britain

I’ve been driving around here on the wrong – ahem…
opposite side of the road the last couple of days.

The British drive on the left.

The steering wheel is on the right.

That means you look right first, then left, then right again
when both driving and crossing the street.

Surprisingly, driving here is easy.

Like second nature.

Weird huh?

Not really.

See, I’ve driven here before.

Last time was 2008. Before that, 2006. Before that, 2000.
Then 1999. Then 1998.

But my secret to successful driving on the wrong side of the
road is this:

I learned how to drive as a kid when I lived in England.

So all my early driving experiences were here.

So it’s literally second nature. (Or even first nature.)

What in the wide, wide world of sports does this have to do
with your KB workouts?


If you take the time to really work on your technique and
not rush to “get a good workout,” you’ll engrain your skills
for the next 25+ years and never have to worry about doing
them “right” again.

Unfortunately, most people won’t take the time to do this
and they’ll rush into “getting a good sweat” or getting a
“killer workout” sacrificing form along the way.


Best case scenario you’re leaving reps on the table and
wasting your time – either by not getting as strong as you
could or –

In the case of fat loss – not burning as many calories per
workout as you could.

Worst case scenario is you get injured.

Then it was the kettlebell’s fault.

Stupid kettlebells. “Yeah, I tried those but they hurt my
back/ shoulder / whatever.”

Here’s what else:

Many smart people (maybe even you) will take the time to
thoroughly research the basics of KB training – watching
videos and even getting personal instruction on the KB
fundamentals – you know – the single KB exercises.

Then, they attempt to learn the more advanced double KB
exercises on their own, not realizing that although the
single KB exercises build the foundation –

The double KB exercises play by different rules than their
single KB little brothers.

And that gets them frustrated at best, and hurt at worst.

How do I know?

Because I meet these people every time I teach one of my
“Kettlebell STRONG!” workshops like the one I’m doing Friday
night in Prague.

Every single attendee ever usually takes home a minimum
of one golden nugget they can apply immediately – usually
many more – like the young lady (her name escapes me) in
Australia who finally learned how to press without pain in her
left shoulder.

Anyway, my point is this:

When you want to “turn it up a notch” you need to use a
pair of KBs.

But to do so, you need proper instruction.

And “YouTube University” ain’t gonna cut it.

You need professional help.

That’s why I created “Kettlebell STRONG!” just for you.

In it you’ll learn everything you need to know to safely,
effectively, and successfully use a pair of KBs to take
your results from KB training to the next level.

And when you practice your double KB technique enough,
it’ll be with you for the rest of your life.

Just like driving on the wrong – I mean – the opposite
side of the road.

Get your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.

Gotta run – plane to catch.


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