KB Swings: This Way Might Hurt Your Back [ADVANCED]

Yesterday we talked about using the whole foot, and
especially loading the toes on the Swing.

The rationale was for more power production, and therefore
greater strength and greater work.

And this is important because the ability to do more work
is a key component in both getting stronger AND burning

However, there is a very real danger to NOT doing this…

Let me explain.

Recall that cuing people off the heels – to drive the heels
into the ground is a common cue to get beginners –

Especially those with tight quads and hip flexors, to wake
up their sleepy gluts.

However, many people confuse this drill for the swing with
the skill of the swing

Here’s the problem with staying there:

You potentially can injure your lower back.


When you cuing off your heels: 

1. Your pelvis moves ahead of your spine.

This is essentially leaning back at the top of the swing.

Doing so can compress your lumbar spine giving you that
pinching sensation in your lower back, regardless of how
hard you pinch your gluts together.

Sure this can be mitigated by contracting your abs, but
it’s better to do this simply by shifting your weight to your
whole foot.

2. Horizontal “strength” leakage

When you lean back at the top of the swing it becomes
incredibly challenging to contract your abs.


Because they’re on stretch instead of being shortened,
as when you stack your ribcage on top of your pelvis.

Not being a physics major, I’ll do my best to explain
how this “strength leakage” happens.

Cuing the weight off your heels essentially pushes the
force forward – out the middle of your body.

The natural result is pushing the KB forward and leaning
back at the top.

When you push through your whole foot, including the toes,
the force is directed down into the floor
. That’s important
because you can take advantage of that ground reaction
force just like you would a jump – and then really EXPLODE!

… And produce more power on each and every rep.

It also makes “zipping up” – including contracting your abs –
that much easier – and more importantly –

You swing much safer.

(Zipping up protects your spine.)

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Talk soon.


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