KB Workouts That Don’t Make No Cents (Or Is It “Scents,” Or…)

There’s a link going around on the ol’ Book of Faces right
now about stupid things going on in the “Judgment Free
Zone” – a.k.a. Planet Sabotage… Uh, I mean, Planet Fitness.

Things like Pizza night, offering candy, signs on the walls
telling people not to throw candy wrappers behind dumbbell
racks and so on… I guess that’s their idea of “member

Look here’s a pic…

Yeah, right?

Don’t make no cents… Ah mean… sense.

Here’s another one:

Ummm… not sure how that adds up to 24 hours a day…


There are plenty of KB workouts like that.

Many of them are free on the interwebz.

For example, doing a bunch of high rep swings or snatches
before doing heavy strength work – presses, squats and so

Look, let me give you a free piece of non-Planet Fitness
advice – a.k.a – if you don’t follow this advice – which is gleaned
from my 20+ years of experience and 50+ years of sports
science research – I will judge you – you are being stupid. :-)

Here’s how you structure your workouts for the best possible

1. Technique work

This is where you obviously practice your lifts.

Why would you want to do that?

Because the more technically proficient you are at any given
exercise, the more weight you can lift, and the stronger you
can get – or the more calories you can burn.

Finally, it should, but doesn’t always, go without saying,
this work should not make you tired.

2. Speed / Power work

This requires CNS freshness. And it’s where you want to
focus on moving your weight – i.e. low rep snatches – as
fast as you can.


Because more power output is more work performed.

It also means you can do more work in less time.

Think “Snatch Test.”

3. Strength

This is where you lift the heavy stuff or do most of your
volume work.

This is where you work to get stronger.

4. Conditioning / MetCon / “Cardio”

This goes LAST.


Because it’s the most metabolically and physically taxing
and it destroys your ability to adequately perform 1 thru 3.

Unfortunately, most KB workouts I see fall into #4 –

They’re always “killer” this and “hardcore” that.

You know what?

A chimpanzee can “prescribe” you a “Killer” workout.

That takes zero skill and zero knowledge about how the
body adapts –

a.k.a – How you get the results you want.

So do yourself a favor:

If you’re going to design your own workouts, at least
follow the template I just laid out for you.

And if you’re going to get those “freebie” workouts
make sure they do the same.

If not, deep six them in the vertical file.

Speaking of workouts, or rather, PROGRAMS that respect
these laws and actually do make sense –

If you’ve found yourself stuck with more chubba-wubba,
blubber, fat, fluff, or whatever you want to call that stuff
you see in the mirror that you wish wasn’t there AND…

You want to get rid of it MUY RAPIDO

AND… You have a pair of KBs, then you’ll want to check
this out –

It’ll help you lose up to 10% of your current bodyweight in
only 29 days – right around Memorial Day weekend – plus
or minus a few days.

Talk soon.


P.S. Do your family members a favor: Keep them away
from Planet Fatness. Sending them there to actually make
progress and get results is like sending an alcoholic to an
AA meeting at a bar.

Same thing with 95% of those “free interwebz workouts.”

It just don’t make no sense.

Make sense of your workouts and more importantly, get
results – rapid and radical results in fat loss here.

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