Keeping KB’s In Their Rightful Place

One of the most alluring things about the
kettlebell is it’s simplicity.

When it first came out it was marketed as a
“one-stop-shop” for “extreme fitness.”

Along with that, was the whole “time-efficiency”

You could get your strength, conditioning,
mobility, and flexibility, in one workout from
a few simple exercises.

Some how, somewhere, we got lost.

The complexity and uncertainty of the the
regular fitness industry crept into our little
group and kettlebell workouts became long
and arduous –

Adding stress to already stressed out lives –

Or adding complexity to already complicated lives.

Let’s get back to the simple, shall we?

Case in point:

Wim from the Netherlands asks –

“I find it hard to make/follow a routine that’s
too long with to much exercises, I want to keep it
simple.I have a pull-up bar, dip-station and 2
kettlebells (20 and 24 kilo) but until now I don’t
know how I can get stronger with these things
without interfering with my martial arts training.
Maybe you have some ideas?

I am not a competitive fighter, I am a little bit
older, 55, and I focus on things that I think will
work in a street fight. I train since the age off
15 martial arts so I do know how to kick and punch,
it’s just that I think that strong is important to
but as I said, I don’t know what to do.”

Of course there’s always the standard (and painfully
boring) answer: Swings and Get Ups.

But I think the “magic” of the kettlebell can be
lost by limiting yourself to just those 2 exercises.

My suggestion?

Learn the Clean + Jerk.

Do it with one hand.

Or with two (a KB in each hand).

You may think that being over 50 this suggestion
is a bad idea.

I have two private coaching clients over the age
of 50 – one in his mid-50s and the other in his
early 60’s – who routinely practice the double KB
clean + jerk.

And they feel great because of it.

Now, they’re not practicing martial arts like you
are, so I wouldn’t recommend the frequency that
they use.

You could make nice gains just working the clean +
jerk twice a week – Monday-Thursday, Tuesday-Friday,
that sort of schedule.

Sets and reps?

Keep the reps low – really low – until you get your
form down pat.

What do you use to learn your form?

That’s a no-brainer.

Get my “Kettlebell STRONG!” DVDs.

I cover the Jerk extensively on the second disk.

When you order, you’ll also get the “Kettlebell
STRONG!” book where I go into great detail on
the common limitations and mistakes people make
when doing jerks and how to correct them – quickly.

Finally, you may be wondering if there’s a program
you should follow.

Again, when you get your copy of “Kettlebell
STRONG!”you’ll find a 48 week program called
the “STRONG!”program you can follow.

It starts out with low reps so you can work your
technique and slowly builds up the total number
of reps so you get stronger, while maintaining
your technique.

The programming is simple.

It won’t interfere with your martial arts training.

It won’t exhaust you – rather you’ll feel refreshed
after every session.

And it won’t interfere with the rest of your life.

In fact, the double KB clean + jerk will compliment
the rest of your life – making you “all-over-strong”
with very little time invested on your part.

Whether you’re a martial artist or a “maxed-out”
mom, the clean + jerk is the biggest-bang-for-
your-buck exercise you can do with kettlebells.

Learn to do it correctly here.

Talk soon.


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