Kettlebell Investing? (The Vanderbilt Method)

I’m sitting here on the plane 30,000 feet above the ground
en route to Italy.

Ahhh… Italia… Bellissimo…

I’m thoroughly enjoying my extra leg room in my free
Emergency Exit window seat (Big shout out to US Airways –
other airlines charge for this!) and looking out at the
patchwork quilt below that is the farmland of Middle

They guy in front of me is busy reading reports on the
state of US companies and the current US Stock Market.

You know – investing stuff.

I’m somewhat fascinated by wealth creation (C’mon,
who isn’t??) and it got me to thinking:

Some of the largest fortunes in the world have been
created by investing.

For example, Cornelius Vanderbuilt built the Vanderbilt
family fortune first in shipping, then selling off those
assets and parlaying them into the newly blossoming
railroad industry.

John D. Rockefellar, once the richest man in America,
invested everything he had into oil. His company,
Standard Oil, had the monopoly on kerosine.

And when J.P. Morgan invested in Thomas Edision’s
new-fangled idea – “electricity” – which rapidly started
replacing the kerosine lamp, Rockefellar turned his
attention to developing gasoline.

Interesting stuff for sure.

What does this have to do with your kettlebell workouts?


Acquiring Strength is a form of “wealth creation.”

How so?

Because you’re investing your time and energy into
making your body work better than it currently does

That parlays into a body that is healthier and doesn’t
run down or wear out – or even get diseased – as
easily as a weaker body.

(Hey – did you catch that? I used the word “parlay”
TWICE in this email! Fancy!)

Here’s a statistic I heard about 10 years ago –

Most people who are in nursing homes are there for
one reason only:

They’re weak.

They’ve lost their strength and therefore their ability
to move.

And one of the most unfortunate things about people
in this situation is that they end up spending all of the
wealth they created during their lifetime on the end
of their lives instead of enjoying it doing things that
healthy and strong people do.

Instead of passing it on to their loved ones.

That’s why it’s important to invest your time wisely
into your workouts.

Sure, swinging around a kettlebell using the latest
“free” PDF workouts is better than nothing – kind of
like that savings account that pays you 0.125% –

But it’s not REAL investing.

If you’re serious about creating real physical strength
you must adopt a “training” mindset instead of a
“workout” mindset.

Sure, you can still call them “workouts,” but they must
be done with an eye on your future – not just to punch
the clock or check the box today.

They must be calculated.

They must be planned.

And they must produce and very specific end result.

Again, that end result must be that you get stronger in
whatever way you want to measure “strength.”

And just as physical assets like land, gold, etc are
some of the time-tested measuring sticks for monetary
wealth –

One of the time-tested measuring sticks for producing
physical strength with your kettlebells is the double
Clean + Jerk.

It works every single muscle in your body – from your
fingers to your toes.

Including your heart – that thing that pumps that red
stuff to every organ and cell in your body.

When done for lower reps, it increases your Testosterone
levels, which are what make a man, a man.

And when done for higher reps, they make your body
release Growth Hormone – one of your most powerful
anti-aging AND fat loss hormones.

Double Clean + Jerks (you can sub in Push Presses
while you learn the Jerk) make you leaner, stronger,
and more muscular.

And those are the 3 things we all need to stave off the
aging process.

Even though the double kettlebell Clean + Jerk is for
everyone, it’s not for everyone right now.

Here’s what I mean:

Just like in the investing world you start small – with a
savings account, then a brokerage account – then
using other wealth creation instruments like real
estate, options, or commodities or whatever tickles
your fancy –

In the KB World you start with a single kettlebell
and learn the Swing.

Then the Clean and the Snatch once you have
your shoulder mobility down pat.

Then you move on to the double KB exercises and
when you’re ready – you go for the Clean + Jerk.

If you’re what I call an intermediate KB user – you’re
familiar with the single KB lifts and you want to invest
more of your time and energy now so you can have
it later in life –

Then you’ll want to get started with double KB training

(Like Cornelius Vanderbilt did starting “small” with
shipping and moving on to “big” with railroad. Call it
the “Vanderbilt Method” if you like.)

It’s arguably one of the best investments you can make
in your physical health and well-being.

Talk soon.


P.S. You might be wondering what the BEST investment
in your physical health and well-being might be?

It’s a powerful one-two combination:

Original Strength and the “Kettlebell STRONG!”

And that’s why I’m flying to Italy.

“Kettlebell STRONG!” workshop Friday evening.

Original Strength Level 1 Foundations course on Saturday.

Then my buddy Fabio Zonin and I are going to hang
out for a couple of days and I’m going to get a taste
(literally) of Northern Italy.

Mmmmmm… Can’t wait.

P.P.S. I rarely hold “Kettlebell STRONG!” workshops any
more. But you can get all the material from the workshops
without the hands on instruction here

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