Kettlebell Shaming?

I’m not one for really caring much about stranger’s opinions
of me.

(Ok, that’s a big fat lie – I don’t give a rip.)

So I find this whole “new” trend of “shaming” kind of interesting
to watch from the sidelines.

First, it was “fat shaming” – where negatively commenting on
someone’s weight and making them feel bad about themselves
was, well, bad.

Apparently, there’s push back now towards people who are
fit and workout from people, who… Don’t.


Man… I’ve experienced this for my entire life – as long as I can

People would say to me –

“How can you eat like that?”

Pointing to my healthy concoction of the day.

Usually it was said with a condescending tone.

My response – which you can use if you want – works great to
shut them up – was always –

“Simple. Because I want to remain looking this way instead of
looking like you.”

Or –

“This is why I look the way I do and you look the way you do.”

Still makes me smile to this day. :-)

Recently, I saw a post from a friend and colleague of mine
saying kettlebell swings “only use momentum” and “could
be damaging to the shoulders.”

I let him slide because, well… he’s from an old-school
bodybuilding world and it just wouldn’t be worth my time
engaging the conversation.

But his point was that using kettlebells was stupid – As in
you don’t know physics – and dangerous – because again,
you don’t know physics or biomechanics.

It was kind of a form of “kettlebell shaming.”

As if you are some kind of ingnoramus for using kettlebells.

Kettlebells are no longer fringe workout equipment.

Pretty much everyone’s using them these days – probably
incorrectly – based on my friend’s post.

I’m pretty sure if he saw you or me do a swing he wouldn’t
have made that post.

What IS still fringe is the idea – ideology even – that a kettlebell
or a pair of kettlebells is ALL you need to get in the best
shape of your life

What is also fringe – REALLY fringe – is that you can get in
“better shape” – a.k.a. Stronger and Leaner using “just”
kettlebells than you can from using other more mainstream
pieces of equipment.

For example, I got an email from Jeremy last week about
his result with KB v. barbell training.

Short story: He went back to training with barbells with his
brother after doing “Kettlebell STRONG!” because in his
words, “I compromised.”

His results?

In his own words:

“For the last 2 months my left shoulder is killing me, my right
elbow too.  I tried to clean and press my double bulldogs.  I could
get 6 to 8 on any given day. Barely and I mean barely did 1 ugly
rep. I was so pissed!!  So to any fool who thinks kb’s are just an
endurance tool….. they can kiss my ass!!  I was stronger and in
better shape than any time in my life. Back to Kettlebell Strong


Live and learn.

(I’ve done the same thing so I can’t point any fingers.)

So any time someone tries to “shame you” for using kettlebells,
take them through a workout.

In fact, take them through the “STRONG!” program inside
“Kettlebell STRONG!”

On second thought – that’s probably not such a good idea.

They’ll probably get hurt because they have such poor
body awareness they won’t be able to do the double KB

Something to shame them about…?


Take the high road.

Talk soon.


P.S. If you want to be like Jeremy and get stronger and in
better shape than any time in your life, get your copy of
“Kettlebell STRONG!” here.
Shame free. ;-)

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