“Kettlebell STRONG!” – Your Questions Answered

I’ve received lots of questions about “Kettlebell
STRONG!” so I thought I’d answer them here so
you’d know what you’re getting yourself into. :-)

Q: What exactly is “Kettlebell STRONG!”?

A: “Kettlebell STRONG!”? is my methodology for learning
how to properly use a pair of double kettlebells for your
kettlebell training based on my olympic weightlifting
background and my 10+ years using and teaching KBs.

It’s goal is to make you stronger – literally strong as an
ox – by using a pair of kettlebells for your training.

In it I break down the exact learning process for
acquiring the skills necessary to be comfortable and
successful using a pair of kettlebells.

I do this using a process called “Technique Stacking.”

This is where the techniques of one exercise are aided
by the techniques of the previous exercise.

Which reminds me – I also believe that you should learn
your double kettlebell lifts in a very specific order –

An order which I’ve never revealed publicly – only at
my live seminars. Until now.

This order, based on Technique Stacking, makes the
most advanced double KB lifts (Clean and Jerk) feel

This is a DVD and manual set. There are two DVDs, with
almost 4 hours of footage.

In the DVDs, I introduce each exercise to you, show
you how to do it properly, and then break it down
using a “crash test dummy” – one of my friends –

… going step-by-step through each cue in each

(It was great having my buddy help me out cause he
hadn’t been training with a pair of KBs for a while so
you can actually see his technique get better and watch
him get instantly stronger.)

Not only that, but you’ll learn some simple exercise
regressions and correctives if you can’t perform the
exercises correctly that will get you up to speed in no
time flat.

And finally, there’s also the “all meat, no fluff or filler”
training manual, covering everything on the DVDs
and more, including:

– Common training mistakes and how to fix them

– Two new simple, but hard core double KB training
programs (one for extreme strength and the other for
extreme conditioning)

– Cutting edge ideas on double KB training not included
in the DVDs

So that’s just a brief overview of the actual system.

Q: Is “Kettlebell STRONG!” available in a digital format?

A: Not at this time. It’s only physical, and there are a
limited number of copies available.

The information was too big to make digital and still
retain it’s quality. The DVD footage was 5GB alone and
the manual, because of the pictures, was pretty large

Q: Will you be releasing it in a digital format in the future?

A: I’m not sure. I have to talk to my video guy and then
my tech guy to see what we can do to make this happen.
But so far as I understand it, it’s a complicated process
because the files are so large.

As far as “easy” goes – it was much “easier” to put this
out in a physical edition.

Q: Is “Kettlebell STRONG!” just for men? I’m not sure
I want to be “strong as an ox.”

A: “Kettlebell STRONG!” is for anybody who wants to
maximize their results using kettlebells. Sure, using one
kettlebell will take you a long way, but it won’t take you
ALL the way. That’s why we teach 2 bells at the
StrongFirst certifications.

If one is good, two are better. :-)

Women can never be “too strong.” In fact, here is a
surprising fact: At my last double KB workshop, ALL
the attendees (with the exception of the gym owners)
were women. Women who weren’t afraid to be strong.

And ladies won’t bulk up using heavy weights or a
pair of kettlebells. Bulking up consists of eating too
much food and doing too much work (which can
easily be accomplished with one KB).

Q: How many kettlebells do I need to do “Kettlebell

A: At least two. And no, they don’t have to be the same
size. You can learn the double kettlebell techniques with
whatever you have.

Q: Is there an age limit to “Kettlebell STRONG!”?

A: Nope. All you have to be is willing. Age isn’t a factor.
In fact, I’ve had a lot of interest in this from what I’d call
the “older crowd” – people over 50.

Q: Is “Kettlebell STRONG!” for beginners?

A: No, it is not. You should have at least 6 months of
kettlebell training under your belt. It is however for
anybody who has never used a pair of kettlebells

It’s designed to take you right on through from basic
double KB exercises to advanced double KB exercises.

You can stop anywhere along the way.

Q: How does “Kettlebell STRONG!” differ from your
“Kettlebell Muscle Super Package” (KMSP)?

A: That’s a GREAT question. Several ways:

1. KMSP was the videos of my 2010 Summit of Strength
presentation, where I first introduced my ideas on
double KB training. It was also transcripts and a
stripped down “Cliff’s Notes” training manual highlighting
key points with double KB training.

It was “live” seminar footage. You couldn’t really see
any of the changes in technique – whether this info
really works or not.

“Kettlebell STRONG!” by contrast is me teaching you
directly and using a “crash test dummy” – one of my
friends – so you can see how the cues work / should /
do work to change and correct your technique.

2. In KMSP I only teach up to the Double Snatch.

In “Kettlebell STRONG!” I go into great depth teaching
and breaking down the Jerk – the one lift that gives the
most people the most problems.

(A lot of people either fear getting dipping under the
bells or just can’t get their timing right. The drills in
here eliminate that.)

I also show common mistakes and how to overcome them.

This is actually a very extensive section in the program –

Both on the DVDs and in the manual.

(I actually do this for each lift in “Kettlebell STRONG!”
whereas I did not in the KMSP.)

3. I have since refined some of my cues, regressions,
and corrections since filming the SOS presentation.

Those changes, and how they improve your strength,
like the set up of the KBs, foot position, among other
things, are reflected in “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

4. The “Kettlebell STRONG!” manual is “packed full
of meat” – to quote Pavel.

Filled with details to help you learn, refine, and master
each double KB drill.

5. There is no programming in the KMSP.

“Kettlebell STRONG!” has TWO new full-length and
repeatable programs designed to challenge you and
make you as strong as possible –

One from a pure strength perspective and the other
from a conditioning perspective.

6. “Kettlebell STRONG!” unlike KMSP, is a physical
product. You won’t have to print anything off or store
anything on your computer. It’s all right there in front of

Q: How does “Kettlebell STRONG!” differ from “Kettlebell

“Kettlebell Muscle” is a book about packing on maximum
amounts of muscle in minimum time using nothing but
a pair of KBs.

There is the theory behind it – the “why?” – and the
“how” – a 12 week program.

There is very little “how to” – as in “how to fearlessly
perform the Double Snatch.”

“Kettlebell STRONG!” is the complete “How To…” and
TWO double KB programs – one strength focused and
one conditioning focused.

Q: How does “Kettlebell STRONG!” differ from your
one-day “Kettlebell Muscle” seminar?

A: First, it’s obviously not live.

Second, therefore, I cannot personally correct or direct

Third, I cannot adjust my presentation based on your
feedback like I can during a live seminar.

But, other than that, this is 90% of the information (and
maybe some extra) that you’d receive at a live seminar/
workshop. (See my third point above as to why it’s not
100% of what you’d get.)

And unlike a seminar, you can go back and review
the information over and over and over again. You can
also pause at one section and work through your issues
before moving to the next section or exercise.

Q: How long will “Kettlebell STRONG!” be on sale?

A: I haven’t decided yet. I’m scheduled to fly to California
with my family for Christmas on the 23rd. So I’m not
going to sell it past that day, that’s for sure.

And, as I mentioned, there is a finite number of these
available – so when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Q: Is “Kettlebell STRONG!” just an instructional DVD
and manual?

A: No. It’s not “just” a DVD set and manual. It is cutting-
edge strength-applications designed to get you as
strong as possible using a pair of kettlebells.

AND – there are also TWO challenging double KB
programs included – one focusing on extreme overall
strength and the other focusing on extreme all-round
conditioning –

So you’re getting BOTH ends of the spectrum.

And the really sneaky thing about these two programs
is that each compliments the other.

The strength based program will dramatically improve
your conditioning levels.

And the conditioning based one will dramatically improve
your strength levels.

Sneaky, sneaky stuff.

Q: When will “Kettlebell STRONG!” be available to buy?

A: It’s tentatively slated to go on sale at Noon EST on
Tuesday, December 18th, 2012, barring any unforeseen
technical difficulties.

Q: Will “Kettlebell STRONG!” be available to your
international friends?

A: Yep. :-)

I think that’s about it on the question front.

If you have any more, feel free to email me and I’ll do my
best to get back to you.

Talk soon.


P.S. Don’t worry – I haven’t forgotten about the winners
of the free copies of “Kettlebell STRONG!”. I’ll send
out another email later today…

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