Kettlebell Super Hero? (Don’t Laugh)

I remember when I was a kid – about 5 or 6 – I used to run
around the house and yard with a black Lone Ranger mask on,
and a towel around my neck for a cape with one of my dad’s
insignia pins as the clasp for the towel.

It was the most important part of my costume –

It identified my alter ego – the source of my super abilities.

It was a USAF Staff Sergeant pin.

And I was “Super Sergeant!”

This was before I’d heard of Captain America but right around
the time I had watched Superman.

So I flew around the house and the yard, combining my idolization
for my dad with Superman saving who knows what from God knows

Point is –

Pretty much all of us – especially us guys – dreamed of being
someone greater than we were –

A super hero like “Superman”…

Action hero like “Batman”…

A secret agent like, “Bond, James Bond.”

Which of course is one of the reasons why these types of movies
are still blockbusters and grown men (not me) buy comic books.

Sure, there is escapism involved, but it’s more than that.

It’s knowing you were created for greatness and trying to keep
in touch with that deep seeded desire while coping with what
may be viewed as a mundane life.

Not everyone can be a special forces operative, a trauma doc,
or a firefighter.

But many of us, especially guys, secretly long for some kind
of adventure.

Unfortunately, much of what passes for adventure some days
boils down to how fast can you clean the kitchen after dinner
because life sometimes becomes too predictable.

Which is why at least you can, or even should, I would argue,
find some solace in a challenging kettlebell program.

Which one?

Depends on you.

However, I would also argue that it would be strength based –

Something that requires a lot of will, without taking a lot of

Heavy double KB Clean + Presses fit the bill.

Come to think of it, heavy double KB Clean + anything fits that

[+] Clean + Push Press

[+] Clean + Jerk

[+] Clean + Front Squat

These exercises are hard.

They make your muscles work without destroying your joints.

They make your lungs work when the appropriate loads and rests
are used.

And most importantly –

They give you “functional” day-to-day strength and stamina along
with the body of a super hero –

[+] Thick forearms and a vice-like grip to lend a helping

[+] Broad shoulders to better enable you to carry the
weight of your world

[+] Strong hips to pick up those around you when they’re

[+] A forged midsection to help you absorb the blows of
life’s disappointments

[+] A stronger heart to keep you alive longer and make
you more sensitive to the needs of your loved ones
as well as give you the courage to step into chaos

You know and I know it.

There’s something transformative about stepping into your own
“courage corner” with your KB – or in this case – KBs.

You step in one person, one man, and if you spend enough time
there, doing the right program, for the right amount of time –

You step out another person or man altogether.

There’s no program that will make you a true super hero.

But this one comes close.

Talk soon.


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