Kettlebell V. Barbell – Like Cheesecake V. Ice Cream…

You know what one of my favorite desserts is?

New York cheesecake.

I love it’s creamy, rich, vanilla-y texture…

But I also love coffee ice cream.

Because it’s, well, coffee + ice cream. (Duh!)

And both are D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S-!

Although I eat WAY more coffee ice cream than
cheesecake. It’s a convenience thing. It’s MUCH
easier to go buy a pint of ice cream than to make
a good NY cheesecake.

It’s funny cause guys who love the barbell more
often than not think KBs are a waste of time and
there’d be no way they’d ever use them.

Barbells are for strength and power.

Kettlebells are for endurance.


What a load of hooey!

The fact is, they’re both great when they’re applied
to the task at hand.

Want to be a great powerlifter or Olympic lifter?

Well you better use a barbell amigo.

Wanna look great “nekkid?”

You should probably use a kettlebell.


One word:


The average person can do way more with a KB
than a barbell. (And the KB is way more forgiving
than a barbell.)

Take for example higher rep swings and snatches.

Can’t do those with a barbell.

What about overall general strength?

Well a lot of “experts” say that the “kettlebell only”
crowd are using “marketing shenanigans” to
create hype and that the KB is really overrated.


My response is, “There’s a pair of 48kg KBs, now go
and clean and press them for reps.”

What’s that?

You can’t do it?

Oh, cause you did legs yesterday?

Po’ baby…

Look, at the end of the day, you can use any tool you
want as long as you know the principles behind
training and adaptation.

Personally, for the average person, the barbell is like

It’s good but should be rarely eaten due to prep time,
calories, etc.

The kettlebell is like your favorite ice cream – easily
accessible and very easy to control portions.

The fact is, whether you’re trying to correct muscle
imbalances and movement dysfunctions, lose body
fat, improve your overall general strength, or even
pack on muscle –

The kettlebell will give you a bigger bang for your


I’ll talk more about that tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you want to see results that feel
like you’re cheating – like eating ice cream every day
– check out the “Kettlebell Burn Inner Circle.”

Talk soon.


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