Just a heads up, I’m shutting down the Kettlebell Express!
ULTRA: Reloaded sale in ONE HOUR.

What do I mean by “shutting down?”

I mean I’m no longer selling it.

I toyed around with just putting it on the market at the price
it deserves and removing the bonuses, but I decided against


After much thought, I concluded there’s just too much high
quality info in there to practically give away.

“Give away?”

What am I talking about?

I did the math on this thing (which is kinda scary – me + math,
which is why I had to use a calculator – repeatedly) and it turns
out that at $47 and 200 programs, that’s less than $0.25 a
program ($0.235 actually)

Which works out to less than a penny per day if you figure
you were doing one program per month.

Man, you can find that change in your couch cushions or
under your car seat.

Anyway, I just can’t justify giving it away any longer.

So I’m taking it off the market.

You might be wondering if this is some kind of sales ploy
to get you to buy KEUR.

It’s not.

I’m just being honest with you and give you a heads
up so you don’t go to the sales page at 1am or any time
tomorrow thinking that the sale is still going to be going

It won’t be.

And honestly I’ll probably NEVER sell this package again.

Like I said, I’m just giving you the heads up since the
sale is over in an hour.

I figured if you haven’t grabbed your copy and the 3
bonuses you’re either not going to get it – which is fine
by me – or you’re like I am and you leave things to the
very last minute.

(My wife had a webinar she had to attend today and she
needed to use my computer to view it. She had to register
by noon MST and I got home at 11:58. She wasn’t real

Anyway… It’s late and I’m rambling…

If you want shorter workouts so you can burn fat faster,
get stronger faster, stop wasting your highly valuable time
so you can spend it doing other things besides working
out –

Like playing with your kids, or grandkids, surfing, tennis,
golf, or sitting on the couch holding hands (ahem) with
your significant other…

Then grab your copy of Kettlebell Express! ULTRA: Reloaded

Kettlebell Express! Reloaded
– The Bottom’s Up Videos Series
– The Easy Diet

By Clicking HERE.

Have a great rest of the night.


P.S. Oh yeah, if you do decide to get “the KEUR” – drop
me an email and let me know where you’re starting ok?

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