“KEUR” – The “Cure” For The Common KB Workout? [6 HOURS LEFT]

Let me be the first to say that there is absolutely nothing
wrong with the fundamental KB exercises – the Swing,
Get Up, etc…

They are 100% necessary to learn how to lift KBs safely,
especially for the modern Westerner.

I understand minimalism – and actually embrace it in
certain forms (clothing for example) but when it comes
to movement – the more the better.

The body actually thrives on variety.

If you’ve hit a plateau with your workouts and you’re only
using Swings and Get Ups and Goblet Squats and have
been doing them religiously for months or years –

Then it’s time to “change it up” – not for the sake of
change – but to introduce a novel stimulus to the body
to encourage it to do whatever it is you want it to do:

Get leaner. Get stronger. Get better conditioned.

That change can take many forms:

– Heavier KBs
– “Same but different” exercises: Goblet Squat —-> Front Squat
– Changing exercise order: Circuits v. straight sets
– Increasing complexity of the exercises: Press —-> Jerk
– Increasing energy system demands: Circuits v. Complexes

And many, many more.

That’s one of the reasons I created KEUR (pronounced
“Cure”) – Kettlebell Express! ULTRA: Reloaded.

There is literally over 10 years of professional grade
kettlebell workout programming in there.

What’s “professional grade programming?”
It’s workout design that actually produces results.

And quick ones at that.

They come from 20+ years of combined training,
being mentored by the best minds in sports science,
and from “in-the-trenches” experience.

What works, what doesn’t.

KEUR is the cure for the common, boring, dreary, and
mundane KB workout.

There’s plenty of variety to keep you from getting bored,
but not “variety for variety’s sake.”

All the variety is to keep your body from accommodating
the stimulus so you keep making progress.

Not only that, many of the programs in KEUR are downright
challenging –

Like The Upper Body Dropper – which uses “Reverse
Drop Sets” for a Monster Metabolic Hit –

To get you burning calories, jack up your conditioning
levels, and get you wicked strong at the same time.

If you’re bored with your KB workouts or just need a change
of pace, get the KEUR Package before MIDNIGHT PST

There’s 100 to choose from.

And if that weren’t enough – you’ll get 100 more Absolutely

With Kettlebell Express! Reloaded - the SINGLE KB version
of KEUR. (No, they aren’t just the same programs with a
single KB – that’s lame.)


You’ll get TWO MORE Bonuses –

BONUS #2: The Bottom’s Up Videos Series – A video
tutorial on how to do the basic Bottom’s Up KB lifts so you
can “steer” your strength for more power output – which
helps you stay tighter on your lifts – meaning you burn
more calories and get stronger faster.

BONUS #3: The Easy Diet – The name says it all. This
“can’t fail” diet is not only easy, it’s downright enjoyable
because it lets you eat all your favorite foods using 3
PROVEN methods for fat loss all synergistically combined
to work with your life instead of against it.

However, in order to take advantage of this incredible
deal, you have to act today.

This offer ends at MIDNIGHT PST.

Get your copy of Kettlebell Express! ULTRA: Reloaded -
the “KEUR” for the common KB workout – AND the THREE
Special Bonuses HERE before time runs out.

Talk soon.


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