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Hope you’re having a great weekend.

I am. Got to have water sword / water pistol
fight with my son yesterday afternoon – chasing
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Lots of questions over the last couple of days
about the Kettlebell Secrets Insider Coaching 

So here’s some more Q and A…

Q: “What’s the difference between the KSIC and
your “Kettlebell 365” program?”

A: Good question.

Think of “Kettlebell 365” as “KSIC Lite.”

Similar great taste, less filling.

Or something like that…

I released KSIC first – last October – and with it –

A Brand New training concept –

The 4-Stage Cycle For Perpetual Gains:

Stage 1: Fix Your Movement Issues, Aches, & Pains

Stage 2: Get Your Strength Back

Stage 3: Get The Fat Off

Stage 4: Build Muscle

The feedback was amazing.

However, I think the price kind of scared a few

So in March, because I knew the 4-Stage Cycle
was so transformational, I introduced “Kettlebell

However, unlike KSIC, there was –

– NO personal coaching available
– NO interactive community forum
– NO way to have me assess and correct
your exercise technique
–  NO way for you to make any tweaks
or feedback to the program based on
anything that might come up
– NO detailed videos on exercise description

So there are some pretty BIG differences between
the two.

Yes, they both use the principles of the 4-Stage
Cycle For Perpetual Gains.

No, apart from month 1, the programs are not
the same.

Different programming. Same principles.

Again, “Kettlebell 365” was designed to expose
people to the power of the 4-Stage (Phase) Cycle
For Perpetual Gains for about half the price.

Stated in the positive, here’s what you get in the
Insider Coaching program that you don’t get in
“Kettlebell 365” – or any of my other programs for
that matter:

[+] Detailed Kettlebell Exercise Video Instruction
Accessible 24/7 for your review and review and
review… (There’s “too much” and “not enough” –
this is only the cues you need NOW to get the
work done efficiently and effectively.)

[+] Interactive Community Forum – to post your
questions, comments, concerns and have me
address them. GREAT place to build comraderie,
stay accountable, and make new friends.

[+] “Personalized” Coaching From Me – You
have questions? GREAT! Ask them and get
answers to fit YOU. Nutrition, technique,

[+] Technique Assessment & Correction – Have a
question about your technique? No problem. Ask
it in a private email or in the coaching forum.
Better yet: Post a video – it’s easier for both of
us! How many videos? As many as you need!

[+] Private “Front of the Line” Email Access -
“Insiders” have their own special email account.
These are the emails that get answered first,
behind my private coaching clients. (They’re
usually texts though.)

So those are the major differences.

And those, plus access to the 4-Stage Cycle For
Perpetual Gains is what makes the Insider Coaching
program so radically different from anything else
I offer.

Become an “Insider” here.

Q: “When you say KSIC provides “access to you,”
how do you mean? Email? Text and phone?”

A: Simple. Two vehicles:

1. Private coaching forum where you can ask your
questions and post any videos regarding technique
and I will answer them – in detail.

2. KSIC Email. Insiders have their own email address.
These are the emails that get answered first, right
behind private coaching clients, who honestly,
usually just text me.

The biggest benefit here is the ability to know, without
a shadow of a doubt, if your form on your exercises
is correct. And if not, what to do about it, TODAY.

And sure, customers have access to my through my
regular “support” email, but there’s a 24 to 48 hour
response time.

KSIC members receive priority.

What about phone or text?

No, sorry. That’s reserved for 1-on-1 clients and
private online coaching clients.

Get priority coaching access here.

Q: “How is this individualized to me? I am 63 and
have very different goals than some one that is in
their 30’s or 40’s.  Are all the people that sign up
doing the same program.  How are the different
goals we all have addressed?”

What a great question!

Here’s the deal:

At the end of the day, we ALL have ONE common

To whatever it is we want to do.

And, to that end, we’ve all decided that the kettlebell,
or kettlebells, are the primary way for us to do that.

Now, here’s what many of us miss in programming:

We are ALL human.

And that means that we ALL face many of the same
or common issues.

One of the major issues we ALL face, is the loss
of “ability” –

The loss of doing the things we were once able to

Why is that?

And why do “traditional” concepts like stretching
only provide us with so-so results at best?

Because many, if not most of us, spend or have
spent a large portion of our lives sitting on our

Think about it, from the time you were about 5
you were told to “sit still” and “pay attention.”

The problem with that is, it undermines and
erodes the very thing that gave you the ability
to move and do what you wanted to do in the
first place.

And what’s that?

Reflexive stability.

And what’s that?

Your body’s subconscious and automatic ability
to anticipate movement before it occurs and
use the right muscles at the right times with the
right forces across the right joints.

It is the foundation for all movement.

And lots of movement is what keeps it intact.

And lack of movement is what “destroys” it.

The good news is, we can easily get it back
using 3 basic principles.

What are those?

Well, they are reserved for “Insiders.”

Point is, we work hard, and smart, on restoring
your loss of movement ability, by restoring your
reflexive stability.

That’s Stage 1.

The other 3 stages build off that.

Everyone needs to be stronger. 

The science is clear:

Weak people die sooner.

That may not be important to a 30-year old,
but it sure as heck lights a fire under your butt
if you’re over 60 and looking at the last quarter
of your life.

Everyone needs less body fat on them.

(At least the majority of Americans – 2/3 are
classified as “overweight.”)

Start losing body fat, and interestingly enough,
blood profiles start turning around and in some
(not all) cases, the need for medications is
either diminished or fully eradicated, leaving you
with more money in your pocket each month.

And lastly, everyone needs more muscle on their

It not only gives shape to your frame, but increases
the number of calories you burn on a daily basis
so that you can enjoy more of your food.

It also helps you get stronger, which as mentioned
earlier, is always preferable to being weaker.

So you see, we’re pretty much all the same.

And a 30-year old may want “ripped abs,” but
he’s not going to get there as fast as he would’ve
when he was 20.

Even he’ll be better served by going through the
4-Stage Cycle For Perpetual Fat Loss.

At the end of the day, the KSIC is designed to
help you restore your abilities.

Regarding “individualization” – It’s the personalized
coaching you receive as an Insider that makes
this individualized to you.

Have a problem with your Get Up or Swing?

No problem. Post a video. I’ll give you the cues
needed to fix the problem. Problem solved.

And hopefully it’s obvious that goes for any other
exercise we cover inside the KSIC.

Restore your lost abilities inside the KSIC here.

Q: “Do you write customized programs inside
the Insider Coaching program?”

No. Everyone is on the same monthly program.

What I do is help people fine-tune their exercises
used in KSIC by providing detailed exercise
tutorials, and by providing feedback on their
own videos, that they post, of them doing an
exercise, say, the Clean or the Press, or whatever.

Q: Is your new program REALLY for women?

Yes! A resounding an a thousand “yes’s!”

I don’t know if you saw their case studies, but both
Debbie Hayes and Karen Gallo were THRILLED
with their results from KSIC.

(Go here to see their results.)

Here’s the deal with women, especially women
who have had kids:

Women who have had kids, have lost the majority
of their reflexive stability.

The muscles, that make up the Inner Unit – the
abs you can’t see – the diaphragm, pelvic floor,
transverse abdominus, internal obliques, and
multifidus –

Are all inhibited to a certain degree during
pregnancy and after delivery.

And, more importantly, they need to be specifically

Two of the most troubling areas for women are
that “tummy pooch” – that bulge just below the
belly button that never seems to go away –

And hips – or more specifically – a butt that
doesn’t work like it used to – it’s flat instead
of full(-ish).

Both of these are because of muscle compensations
developed as a result of pregnancy and delivery.

This is especially true for women who have
had C-sections, where there was an incision
made in their abdominal wall.

You’ll learn specific exercises which, for lack of
a better word – “target” these areas  – inside
the KSIC.

Restoring proper functioning of the Inner Unit
makes the hips work the way they should.

And as a result, those “trouble spots” become
less and less “troubling.”

It is my professional opinion that EVERY woman
who’s had kids would extremely benefit from
KSIC, especially Month 2, when we address
the pelvic floor, without doing kegels.

Moms, let’s get your body working the way it did
before you had kids. Enroll in the KSIC here.

Q: “Your last email said that KSIC was more
beneficial than 1-on-1 training. Can you elaborate?
I thought 1-on-1 was the best way to go?”

A: There are several reasons I said that.

First, and probably the most obvious for most,
is the prohibitive nature of most 1-on-1 personal

The “average” trainer starts at $50 per hour.

That means some “bad” trainers charge more
and some charge less. Same thing for the
“good” trainers.

The gym my wife belongs to charges a minimum
of $65 an hour. And some of the trainers there
have only been training for 2 years.

Just for a point of reference, I’ve been training for
22 years, longer than one of the trainers I met
there had been alive. And my current hourly
rate is $150.

So, to learn what you were doing wrong on your
kettlebell exercises and how to correct them,
would cost you at least $50 – I’m betting more,
because you’d probably only get one or two
exercises “fixed” in one session.

So plan on $150 – or 3 sessions to get you

What about follow up?

And what about getting another actual program?

Do the math there.

The point is, as beneficial as personal training
can be, it’s not the best way for many people
to get what they need both on the coaching
end and the programming end –

Especially when you consider the average personal
trainer spends only 3 years in the industry.

That leads me to my second point –


Obviously not all personal trainers are the same.

The same goes for kettlebell instructors.

Some barely make it through their certifications.

The good ones get asked back to assist at future

The best hold leadership positions in the certifying

Obviously the latter know significantly more about
kettlebell training, and training in general, than
the former (in most cases), especially when we
consider that 3-year thing.

So it’s a real coin toss as to whether there’s a
trainer or kettlebell instructor in your area who’s
worth his or her salt.

For example, I’ve seen the trainers in my wife’s
gym train clients.

It’s not something I’d pay for – especially when I
see them trying to use kettlebells.

(That’s usually when I look away, because it looks
like an accident waiting to happen.)

Third, is the technique videos contained within
each month of the KSIC.

Many people love video.

It allows them to review technique over and over
again, at their leisure, and from the comfort of
their own home.

Inside the KSIC you’ll get expert kettlebell
technique instruction.

I hate having to point out the obvious and talk
about my background, so let’s just say I know
what not only what good technique is, but
great technique, and how to help you go from
good to great.

And wouldn’t it be good – no great – to be able
to practice your technique, and any corrections,
without having to shell out another $50+ to get
your trainer to watch you?

In the KSIC you can practice as much as you
need to for one monthly price.

Get 8 months of expert instruction and coaching

And finally…

Q: “In a fight to the death, who would win, the
KSIC or da 1985 Chicago Bears.”

A: Dat’s a tough one, Bob.

Here’s da thing –

Da Bears had McMahon, Payton, and Gault for
a devastating passing and running game and –

Da Fridge and Singletary on da defense, blocking
pretty much everything but da sun.

And let’s not forget Ditka, da greatest coach to
ever play da game.


Not real sure. Don’t know much about dem, but
I hear dey got heart. Poor kids. Still don’t stand
a chance.

So I’d give it hands down to Da Bears.

(That’s a tip of the ol’ hat to a blast from the past –
The Super Fans skits on Saturday Night Live,
circa 1991-92. Good times.)

For “good times” with your kettlebell training,
enroll in the Kettlebell Secrets Insider Coaching

Only 24 hours left.

Talk soon.


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