Ladies: Getting Rid Of The “Pooch” – Part 2

So last time, we talked about the first reason you might
be having a hard time getting rid of the tummy pooch.

Yep, that frustrating thing.

And that reason was a possible hormonal imbalance between
cortisol – insulin – estrogen – progesterone – testosterone.

Recall that the #1 issue affecting women storing fat in the
belly is STRESS and the failure to adequately manage that

If you need a refresher or missed yesterday’s email – check

your inbox.

Speaking of inboxes – this whole thing is going to get
kinda technical with lots of pictures and stuff – so let’s just
move this whole thing over to the blog, shall we?

I’m not trying to make it overly-techie – it’s just I really want
to get this point across so I need room to do so – something
that I just can’t do in this email, ok?

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See you over on the blog.


P.S. I really think this is going to help you out – especially
if this is-
a) one of your most frustrating trouble spots and –
b) if you’ve been struggling with this for a long time but
failed to see results.

Hop on over to the blog to read more…

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