Hey – I know you’re gearing up for the Christmas weekend.

We are too.

We’re leaving tomorrow to fly to California to spend
Christmas with the grandparents.

And that’s why I’m shutting the cart down for “Kettlebell
STRONG!” tonight at Midnight EST.

That’s in 3 hours.

So this is your last chance and final reminder that if
you’re serious about making new gains in the New
Year with your KBs, “Kettlebell STRONG!” is the way
to do it.

Get your copy here:

Seriously, because these are physical products instead
of digital, I’m not leaving the salespage up past Midnight

If you don’t get your copy of the ultimate double KB
training guide – teaching you step-by-step how to
do the 9 essential DOUBLE KB lifts –

– Double Swing
– Double Press
– Double Front Squat
– Double Clean
– Double Push Press
– Double High Pull
– Double Snatch
– Double Jerk
– Double Clean & Jerk

And avoid their common mistakes…

AND which drills to do to help you master each
of these exercises – especially the Snatch and the

Then it’ll be too late.

You’ll miss out on all this advanced information that
will make stronger, leaner, and in better overall shape,
(not to mention looking good nekkid – ;-] ).

And, unfortunately, if you struggled your way through
2012, get ready for a repeat in 2013.

Don’t let that happen.

Get strong – get “Kettlebell STRONG!”.


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